Torrance Memorial Hospice makes a profound difference in people's lives in their greatest time of need. Hospice accepts tax-deductible donations to help sustain the high quality of care we provide, create outreach programs to raise awareness of Torrance Memorial Hospice services, and remain at the leading edge of hospice science and care. Donations also help cover the many uncompensated expenses for patient care and the exceptional level of care extended to family members.

Hospice & Bereavement Volunteer

hospice volunteersTorrance Memorial's Hospice network of more than 50 volunteers wear many hats to serve patients and their families. Many of the volunteers who enter the program have benefited personally from Hospice or Bereavement services. Often they join the volunteer program because they want to give back. After completion of the Hospice and Bereavement core orientation with job specific training, volunteers have the opportunity to serve in the following roles:

  • Companionship Visitation - Provide assistance in the home that includes companionship for the patient and family.
  • Respite Visitation - Provide limited respite for the caregiver or family members.
  • Follow-Up Phone Calls - Call patients and family for check-ups and friendly conversations.
  • Administrative Duties - Assist through administrative clerical support.
  • Bereavement Support Groups - Facilitate meetings to provide support to surviving family members or friends of patients who have passed away.
  • Bereavement Phone Follow Up - Place bereavement calls to the surviving family members of patients who have passed while on hospice to help provide information on bereavement support.
  • Event Assistance - Support Hospice events at Torrance Memorial through attendance and assistance.

For more information on making a gift and/or volunteering for Hospice and Bereavement Programs,
call 310-784-3751.