To Nancy Nurminen, mother

Mom I miss you every day. You were the sweetest most caring mom to us and also a cherished friend to so many others. You never missed an occasion to show your love and I will be forever grateful to have had you as my mom to have spent the last 10 weeks of your life with you.

- Julie T.

To Audrey May Davies, wife

Audrey you were the best lover, wife, and business partner a man could ever want. It was 54 years of deep love and devotion. You taught me so much about living a good life and being kind to others. You definitely made me a better man. I will never stop admiring you and loving you.

- Norman J. Davies

To Michael Bontrager, long time friend

Buford, you are so greatly missed!!!! I miss your sense of humor and how you always made me laugh and often roll my eyes. I miss happy hour with you, your smoked fish and boat trips. Jimmy Buffet concerts, Hometown Fair, scooter rides, bocce ball and the infamous croquet tournament. And how could I not mention all your amazing and creative costumes!! You were the best at dressing up! Life has not been the same without you and my heart hurts when I see your pictures around my house or hear Jimmy Buffet. Love and miss you Buf.

- Christi M.

To Martina Hernandez, mother

My mother was the BEST MOM ever she was a hard worker and the most generous women. Never had anything bad to say about anyone and she always had a smile on her face. We always say her miniature stature didn't reflect to the size of her heart. She loved with all her heart. I miss you so much!!! I LOVE YOU Erma E

- Erma E.

To Kay Ostrom, mother-in-law

Mom Kay, I have the best memory of you wearing a cute skirt and Jean jacket asking me if you looked sassy because that was the look you were going for. You danced around the living room in that sassy outfit showing off your vibrant spirit. I miss your cards, texts, and calls. You were the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known. I miss you every day.

Lisa P.

To Michelle Acrilla, sister

To my dearest sister. We miss you everyday. You left us too early, but I cherish all the memories we spent together. Thank you for teaching me to be strong and to not accept anything less than what I deserve. I love you so much always and forever. Until we meet again.

Paola R.

To George K., grandfather

I will always remember lobster dinners and being on your boat as a kid. I’ll miss you’re amazing crafts and building bird houses. Most of all, I’ll miss getting together every Thanksgiving and you and grandma inviting someone from the homeless shelter to our dinner


To Ralph & Marjorie Kiyosaki, parents

They did their best to be great parents but Mom died suddenly at 49, always had a bad heart. She raised 4 kids and so many people loved her. Dad lived 20 years beyond her, was a fantastic Dad and an extraordinary educator. I will always remember them.

Tenzin K.

To John George Foster, father/grandad

We miss you especially at this time of the year . Your jokes will never be forgotten! Sam proudly wears his wrist band with your name every practice and saves each one for Grandma . Lily has your hospice bear proudly tattooed:) There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think of you . We are keeping our promise and all taking great care of Grandma. We love and miss you, Sam and Lily xox

Jane T.

To Jose D. Rosas, my dad

My dad, the man whom taught me to work hard and stay humble. Thank you for always believing in me and being proud of me. You were my #1 supporter, I miss you everyday. Love you Apa.

Yvette G.

To Bob Dunn, my dad

Thinking of you more and more lately, this was your best time of the year.. cool weather, mom cooking an amazing thanksgiving dinner, you sitting and watching your family and what we have expanded to. You lived your grandkids, and you were their hero.. we miss you so dad..Whenever I see a hawk, your favorite bird I’m always sure it’s you checking on us. I look for that hawk whenever I can. Thanksgiving is here again and we of course will miss you, we will set a place for you as always. Love you to the moon and back, missing you dad and all the joy you brought us. Peace and love patty

Patty J.

To Tom Gregory, friend

Tom was an honorable, compassionate and intelligent man who was faithful, and loyal to his wife Carol and their family. He served in the Presbyterian Church USA; on the TMMC Foundation Board; and for many years led the annual South Bay National Day of Prayer Breakfast. He was my friend and I was honored to be his Pastor.

Barbara B.