The cardiovascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists at Torrance Memorial Medical Center offer a full range of procedures – including advanced minimally invasive procedures using catheter-based techniques – to treat all types of structural heart and heart valve conditions.

About Our Program

At the Lundquist Lurie Cardiovascular Institute, our structural heart and valve specialists are committed to using minimally invasive techniques that reduce the risk of complications, improve outcomes, and promote a faster recovery. During the past few years, our cardiovascular team has begun to replace traditional open surgical procedures with innovative minimally invasive procedures, leading to growth in the volume of minimally invasive procedures and a decrease in the number of open-heart procedures.

Our highly trained team is also among the most experienced in the region. For example, Torrance Memorial physicians have performed more than 100 transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures since 2014 with outcomes that are superior to the national average. And, Torrance Memorial cardiologists and surgeons have recently begun performing a new catheterbased valve replacement procedure called transcatheter mitral valve replacement.

Torrance Memorial participates in ground breaking research and is part of the Transcatheter Valve Therapy (TVT) registry, which is focused on monitoring safety and effectiveness of transcatheter valve therapy devices. Our interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons have performed the highest volumes in our area and are known for achieving excellent outcomes with complex procedures. We continue to contribute to clinical trials, testing the latest generation of minimally invasive treatments and technologies, which are performed in our state-of-the-art hybrid operation room.

About Our Team

Our cardiovascular physicians provide state-of-the art care using leading-edge technology and work collaboratively to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients. As part of a partnership between Cedars-Sinai and Torrance Memorial, our structural heart and valve care team – which includes cardiovascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, cardiac hospitalists, and cardiac anesthesiologists – can leverage the expertise of Cedars-Sinai cardiovascular specialists who are available to provide advanced, specialized care to Torrance Memorial patients.

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