When faced with a cancer diagnosis, you or a loved one may feel overwhelmed by the challenge of finding the best possible care. The goal of the Cancer Resource Center is to help anyone -- regardless of where they live or where they are getting their health care -- to obtain the information they need to manage and cope with a cancer diagnosis.

All services of the Cancer Resource Center are free of charge. Some of the services offered at the Cancer Resource Center include:

Consultation With an Oncology Nurse Expert

Specially trained oncology nurses are here to provide help in getting answers to your questions about cancer screening, finding treatment, understanding your diagnosis, locating community resources, or any other cancer-related concern. Our experts are available to meet with patients or their loved ones to answer questions about their disease and treatment. No appointment is needed but it is encouraged. Email and phone consultations are also welcomed.

Genetic Counseling

Torrance Memorial offers a comprehensive approach to helping you understand the role of genetic counseling and testing in preventing and treating cancer. An appointment with our licensed genetic counselor can answer many questions for our and your family about your risk and appropriate management strategies.

Nurse Navigators

Oncology Nurse Navigators provide direct support to patients as they traverse the challening healthcare system. At Torrance Memorial, the role of the Nurse Navigator can cover the entire spectrum of care needed by a patient where the Navigator servces as educator, advocate, liaison, coach, coordinator, guide, and problem solver. Working in collaboration with the patient's physician(s), the Nurse Navigator can assist with obtaining appointments with Torrance Memorial-affiliated physicians and facilitate referrals to needed resources.

For more information or to speak with an Oncology Nurse Navigator, call 310-517-7077.

Cancer Surgery Resources

Surgery plays an important role in cancer treatment. We offer a variety of resources – pre-operative and post-operative, including support groups and nurse navigators – to guide you through this part of your cancer treatment.