The Hunt Cancer Institute provides the full continuum of cancer care, from prevention through survivorship. In addition to expert care from diagnosis through treatment, we also provide a range of resources and support that can help to make the journey through cancer treatment less anxiety-provoking and more comfortable for you and the people in your life.

COVID-19 Resources & Support

As we all know this is a difficult time for everyone including those in our community dealing with a cancer diagnosis. With in-person groups and classes cancelled we have complied a list of some online support programs and services for cancer patients and caregivers.

Among the cancer resources and support services we offer are:

Cancer Resource Center

The goal of the Cancer Resource Center is to help anyone -- regardless of where they live or where they are getting their health care -- to obtain the information they need to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

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Cancer Classes & Support Groups

No one understands the challenges, fears and experiences related to a cancer diagnosis and treatment better than others who’ve been through the same thing. We offer a variety of support groups for people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Cancer Lectures, Events & Webinars

From an anti-cancer cookbook, to community-wide events surrounding Breast Cancer Awareness month, to educational programs on cancer prevention and treatment, we offer ongoing lectures, workshops and programs to educate our community about cancer.

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We believe that the term “survivorship” doesn’t just describe being alive, but also means achieving your optimal level of health and well-being. At Torrance Memorial, we are committed to providing support, encouragement and, when you need it, the care that helps you achieve those goals.

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Helpful Links and Information

We have compiled a listing of reliable and trustworthy sources for information that may be helpful to people.

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