If you are now or have ever been a heavy smoker, you likely know that you have a higher risk for lung cancer. As with most cancers, early detection and treatment of lung cancer offers the best possible odds for survival.

Torrance Memorial, at the forefront of cancer diagnostics, now offers a low-dose CT screening for people at increased risk for lung cancer.

Study: Lung Cancer Screening Provides Survival Benefits

Recently the National Cancer Institute released early findings of its National Lung Screening Trial. This national research study examined and followed more than 50,000 current and former smokers who were determined to be at high risk of developing lung cancer. Using data gathered in this trial, scientists found that significantly fewer study participants died of lung cancer if they underwent low-dose spiral CT (Computed Tomography) screening compared to those who had a standard chest x-ray. The study strongly suggests that CT lung screening leads to early detection and better survival for those at risk for the development of smoking-related lung cancer.

Who Should Consider CT Scan Lung Screening?

If you fall into the following categories, please consider a CT Scan Lung Screening:

  • Age 55 – 77, current smoker or former smoker who quit within the last 15 years
  • Smoked at least a 30 pack year history

To learn more about your risk for lung cancer and whether you should consider CT lung screening, visit cancer.org.

Are There Any Risks to Being Screened for Lung Cancer?

The decision to be screened for lung cancer is not always a black-and-white one. In deciding whether or not you want to be screened, here are some important facts you should know in advance:

  • There is a chance you could have cancer that would not be detected by this test.
  • There is a chance that the test will yield a finding, which leads to additional testing – which may or may not turn out to be cancer.
  • The test uses a small amount of radiation, although the benefit of early detection likely outweighs the risk of damage or injury the amount of radiation exposure that occurs during a CT.

Screening Cost

Torrance Memorial offers low-dose lung screening for $205. Medicare covers the cost of the screen as long as you fit the criteria. Most private insurance companies also cover the cost if guideline are met since this screening is considered preventative.

Make An Appointment

You’ll need a physician’s order to have the exam. The order can be faxed to Centralized Scheduling at 310-784-6366 or 424-286-4707. Call Centralized Scheduling at 310-517-4738. Once you have an appointment scheduled, you are encouraged to contact the Lung Program Nurse Navigator to learn more about the CT exam, 310-517-1072.

Where is The Scan Performed?

Lung Screening are performed at:

Torrance Memorial Polak Imaging Pavilion
3275 Skypark Drive
Torrance, CA 90505
Map It

Parking is available near the building's entrance at Skypark Drive and Camino del Sol.


Within 3-4 days of the exam, your primary care physician will receive exam results to review with you. If you would like a copy of the scan on a CD, ask the front desk at Polak Imaging Pavilion or call 310-784-6323.

For Referring Providers

Download a Low Dose CT Lung Screening order form.

  1. To schedule call 310-517-4738
  2. Fax completed order form to Thoracic Nurse Navigator at 310-784-8722

For More Information

For additional information about the lung cancer screening and treatment program at Torrance Memorial, call 310-517-1072.

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