Breast Nurse Navigators

Whether it is you or a loved one who has been diagnosed, it is normal to feel anxious, frightened and confused. Your Breast Health Navigator or the Advance Practice Nurse at the Cancer Resource Center can offer guidance on a host of community support and counseling services tailored for breast cancer patients.

Cancer Resource Center

Our Cancer Resource Center located in the Hunt Cancer Center is a one-stop destination for services designed to ease the burden of cancer diagnosis and treatment for patients and loved ones. Most of the services are provided free of charge.

Image Ehancement Center

To aid patients in coping with the appearance-related effects of breast cancer, our Image Enhancement Center provides a Woman-to-Woman program offering help with headcoverings and scarves to cope with hair loss. Evelyn's Corner, a specialty resource section in HealthLinks, offers information and a specialized selection of garments and helpful products for women undergoing breast surgery and breast reconstruction.

Mastectomy/Breast Reconstruction Pre-Op Class

For women who are planning a mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction to treat their breast cancer, Torrance Memorial offers a class to help women prepare effectively for surgery, understand what to expect during surgery and hospitalization, and be better prepared for post-discharge care at home. The class is free but pre-registration is required. For more information about the mastectomy/breast reconstruction pre-op class, contact Evelyn Calip, RN at the Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-7077.

Mastectomy/Breast Reconstruction Support Group

This support group helps and supports mastectomy/breast cancer reconstruction patients. Come out and share stories as well as get to know other survivors who had a mastectomy/breast reconstruction. You may bring one support person with you. The program provides emotional and informational support. For more information about the mastectomy/breast reconstruction support group, contact Evelyn Calip, RN at the Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-7077.


At Torrance Memorial, we believe that finding ways to live beyond your breast cancer is important as well as identifying and achieving your personal health and well-being goals. We have a number of resources and support for breast cancer survivors including follow-up care, action plans, rehabilitation prgorams and more!

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