The point in a woman's life when breast health becomes part of a yearly health routine coincides with a greatly increased risk for osteoporosis, or weakened bone density. This condition strips nutrients from bones, making them porous, brittle and much more likely to fracture. With advanced osteoporosis, even the lightest pressure against a bone could cause a break.

The Breast Diagnostic Center offers bone density screenings at three locations - at the Torrance campus, Rolling Hills and Manhattan Beach. All locations allow women to schedule screenings at the same time as a mammogram. Combining these two essential procedures in a single appointment gives women greater convenience and efficiency for their busy schedules.

Screening for osteoporosis involves an x-ray device - known technically as a DEXA scan - to examine the spine and hip for bone density. For this painless procedure, patients lie clothed on an examination table while the device scans for bone mass. The procedure takes only a few minutes to determine how porous the bones are. Based on these findings, diet, exercise and supplement regimens may be prescribed to prevent or treat osteoporosis.

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