Safest and Most Accurate Exams

Our diagnostic tests and reviews offer the safest, most accurate examinations available from nearly any health facility in the nation.

Performing more than 60,000 exams per year, the Breast Diagnostic Center team of board-certified radiologists searches carefully for subtle changes in the breast tissue. If a change is found, further tests are done to diagnose or rule out breast cancer. This methodical approach is aimed at giving women the best chance to safeguard their health.

For your safety and ensured results, all devices and clinical staff at the Vasek & Anna Maria Polak Breast Diagnostic Center have been consistently and extensively licensed and accredited.

Advanced Breast Cancer Diagnostics

The Breast Diagnostic Center provides some of the most accurate and least invasive screening and diagnostic procedures available.

Available screenings and exams:

All patients who undergo an advanced diagnostic procedure also receive information on continuing breast health. If cancer is detected, a team of health care professionals, including an oncologist, radiologist and a Breast Health Navigator, will fully discuss the next steps in your individual treatment and care.

Results and Consultation

As a community hospital, Torrance Memorial respects women as partners in total health - mind and body. That extends to learning about the results from breast health and bone density screenings. To reduce anxiety about results, the Breast Diagnostic Center makes most results available to your physician the day following your screening. If follow-up testing or treatment is needed, we have expert radiologists, nurses and technologists to answer any questions you may have about procedures and breast health.

For all digital mammograms, Torrance Memorial Breast Diagnostic Center will send your physician a report and you will receive a letter from a radiologist in the mail about your results, with any recommendations for follow up. To help you maintain breast health, we also send reminder letters when it's time for the next mammogram.

Results from a stereotactic biopsy typically are available two days after biopsy. At the same time, patients will return to the Center in order to have the small wound from the procedure checked. The pathology results are shared with the patient at this follow-up appointment. Regardless of the outcome of the exam, a Breast Health Navigator is on hand to answer questions and counsel you or a loved one on a possible diagnosis.

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