Where Expertise Meets Empathy

The team of breast health experts assembled at the Breast Diagnostic Center combines the very best in experienced care with the kind of compassion found only at a community hospital. Women in the South Bay community and beyond can take comfort in the board certification, extensive continuing education and professional licenses of each member of the team.

However, beyond training there is the human touch and genuine concern each team member has for you and your family.

Nurse Navigator

A Nurse Navigator is a specially trained registered nurse available to every patient of the Breast Diagnostic Center. As an expert in the care of patients with cancer, the Nurse Navigator acts as a personal guide to patients during diagnosis and treatment, answering any questions you or your family has regarding breast health.

If you are diagnosed with breast disease, this nurse will aid in coordinating appointments and guiding you through the treatment process. She is available to answer questions about study findings, treatment options and side effects, and she serves as a liaison between patients and various physician specialists to ensure timely care.


A team of board-certified radiologists with specific training and experience in breast health are at the core of the Breast Diagnostic Center physician team. Every screening exam is carefully inspected by a radiologist and compared with prior studies to determine subtle changes in the breast tissue. It is on the recommendation of a radiologist that further testing may occur.

Tumor Board

All breast cancer confirmations are sent for review by the Breast Tumor Board: a weekly meeting of radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, reconstructive surgeons and registered nurses who develop as a group the best course of treatment. This collaborative approach to treatment ensures continuity of care across the many team members that will aid you. It also allows multiple experts in the field of cancer care to personally examine your case and find the most appropriate path to healing.

Registered Nurses

At the heart of the Breast Diagnostic Center is the compassionate nursing team that keeps it running smoothly. With years of training and experience particular to breast health, these nurses make time to attend to the questions and concerns of you and your family. They move you quickly through the procedure process with the greatest degree of comfort both physically and mentally.

Mammography and Ultrasound Technologists

Experienced technologists with special training in the use of mammography, ultrasound and stereotactic biopsy devices ensure the best possible experience for your visit to the Breast Diagnostic Center. These highly trained professionals are kind and experienced with patient questions and concerns, providing the information and direction to keep you moving through the procedure. As a part of the team, each technologist is certified in hours of experience, safety and outcomes for each device. It is this experience that enables quick readings and less patient discomfort.


These often unseen physicians play a crucial role in the diagnostic process for women receiving a breast biopsy. Pathologists work in a lab at Torrance Memorial, closely examining microscopic slides of samples taken during biopsies. Based upon the appearance and behavior of cells in these slides, the pathologist can determine if breast cancer is present, identify the type of cancer, and determine how aggressive or wide-spread a tumor has become. These physicians make the diagnosis that all following physicians use for treatment.

While many hospitals outsource their pathology reports to an external laboratory, Torrance Memorial prides itself on the skill and reputation of its in-house physicians. Due to the expertise and consistency of the pathology department, the Breast Diagnostic Center can receive the quickest and most accurate results for biopsies.

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