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Should your screening return a positive diagnosis for breast cancer, Torrance Memorial Medical Center has all the resources for world-class treatment with the compassion and access of a community hospital. Moreover, our philosophy of total care extends completely to our cancer care and treatment: your physical, mental and emotional needs are cared for with skill and sensitivity.

Medical Oncologists

The Breast Diagnostic Center makes available an oncologist for each patient who receives a diagnosis of breast cancer. Our physicians received advanced training in the management of cancer, and can explain the next steps in available treatment. These treatments can include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and clinical trial therapies.

The referral process available through the Breast Diagnostic Center includes patient access to surgeons specializing in breast procedures, breast reconstruction surgeons, as well as medical and radiation oncologists based on specific patient needs.

All oncologists at Torrance Memorial are board-certified and have extensive continuing education in the latest treatment options. They provide treatment based upon the individual needs of each patient and approach their work with the greatest compassion for each case.

Tumor Board

All breast cancer confirmations are sent for review by the Breast Tumor Board: a weekly meeting of radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, reconstructive surgeons and registered nurses who develop as a group the best course of treatment. This collaborative approach to treatment ensures continuity of care across the many team members that will aid you. It also allows multiple experts in the field of cancer care to personally examine your case and find the most appropriate path to healing.

Cancer Resource Center

The Cancer Resource Center at Torrance Memorial offers education, guidance and advocacy for patients diagnosed with cancer. The center is staffed by advanced practice nurses who specialize in oncology who can answer questions ranging from the details of treatment options to support services available in the community. The Cancer Resource Center is an extension of the services provided by your Breast Health Navigator to fully confront cancer and the affects it has on all the facets of your life.


A cancer diagnosis is nearly always emotionally overwhelming. Whether it is you or a loved one who has been diagnosed, it is normal to feel anxious, frightened and confused. Your Breast Health Navigator or the Advance Practice Nurse at the Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-4665 can offer guidance on a host of community support and counseling services tailored for breast cancer patients.

Torrance Memorial has developed printed information to assist patients and loved ones to understand how surgery is used to treat breast cancer, click here to view the document.

For women undergoing chemotherapy, the Woman to Woman Image Enhancement Center offers help with headcoverings to cope with hair loss. The American Cancer Society's Look Good . . . Feel Better sessions provide free instruction by a licensed cosmetologist on skin care and use of make-up to cope with appearance changes commonly experienced by women undergoing chemotherapy.

Breast Reconstruction Mentorship Program

This peer-support program is free and offers women with breast cancer who are planning or considering breast reconstruction after mastectomy the opportunity to talk 1-on-1 with Evelyn Calip, RN. Evelyn is a peri-operative registered nurse and breast cancer survivor. This mentoring program is based on the idea that a diagnosis of cancer can seem overwhelming and receiving support from someone who has been through a similar experience can help reduce anxiety and uncertainty. The program provides emotional and informational support. For more information about the breast reconstruction mentorship program, contact Evelyn Calip, RN or Paula Bauer, RN, MSN, OCN at the Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-4665.

Torrance Memorial has developed printed information to assist patients and loved ones to understand how breast reconstruction is used to restore the appearance of the breast, click here to view the document.

Mastectomy/Breast Reconstruction Pre-Op Class

For women who are planning a mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction to treat their breast cancer, Torrance Memorial offers a class to help women prepare effectively for surgery, understand what to expect during surgery and hospitalization, and be better prepared for post-discharge care at home. The class is free but pre-registration is required. For more information and to register call 310-517-4660.

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Evelyn's Corner

Located in the West Tower lobby HealthLinks, is another way that Torrance Memorial provides assistance to women undergoing breast reconstruction by providing specialized garments and other supplies to promote comfort in the post-operative period.

Surviving Cancer

Following successful treatment, the primary concern of most patients and physicians is to stay cancer-free and healthy. The Torrance Memorial Cancer Survivorship Program is one of three partners in the state with the UCLA LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence providing training and education on life after cancer.

With attention to medical monitoring, a healthy diet, exercise, and positive mental health, many cancer survivors not only beat the disease, but discover a new perspective and lease on life. The Torrance Memorial Cancer Survivorship Program also provides resources to help you organize your medical records and plan your future care needs.

On the Day of Surgery

One or both of the following procedures may or may not be part of you or your loved one's breast surgery. If you have any question about what type of surgery or procedures that are planned as part of your surgery to remove breast cancer, contact your breast surgeon or the Breast Navigator RNs at the Breast Diagnostic Center or the Advance Practice Nurses at Torrance Memorial Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-4665.

Breast Localization

As preparation for surgery to remove breast disease, you or a loved one may be asked by your surgeon to undergo breast localization at the Breast Diagnostic Center prior to surgery.

Learn more about Breast Localization Procedure

Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping and Biopsy

Sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy is a procedure performed as part of breast cancer surgery to determine if any malignant cells have escaped the original tumor in the breast and traveled to one or more lymph nodes in the armpit.

Learn more about Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping and Biopsy Procedure

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