Commitment to Change

Obesity is responsible for 300,000 premature deaths each year, causing life-threatening complications such as heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. It affects quality of life by causing back and joint pain, infertility and depression.

When you decide to have bariatric surgery, you commit to changing the way you live your life.

  • It's not cosmetic surgery.
  • It's not an easy solution.
  • It's not a substitute for eating well and exercising.
  • It's a commitment to improving your health for a lifetime.

We'll help you all along the way, but the best chance of success comes from fully understanding your options, your motivations for having surgery, and your need to make healthy changes for the long-term.

Who Should Consider Bariatric Surgery?

Your first step is to find out if you qualify. You can use this calculator to calculate your Body Mass Index.

Body Mass Index

Weight (in pounds):

Height (in inches):

The Best Candidate for Bariatric Surgery

  • Is at least 18 years old;
  • Has a BMI of 40 or greater OR a BMI of 35 or greater with one or more co-morbid conditions associated with obesity such as hypertension, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea;
  • Is able to walk (inability to walk increases risk for blood clots);
  • Has lost weight by dieting in the past;
  • Will commit to behavioral changes;
  • Has support of family and close friends to encourage a new lifestyle, including a coach or partner who will attend support group meetings;
  • Has no underlying psychological disorders that would limit the ability to follow directions;
  • Does not engage in addictive behaviors such as smoking, drug or alcohol abuse

If you are 100 pounds over your ideal weight, then you are considered morbidly obese. Your obesity should be behavioral, not the result of a thyroid problem or other underlying medical condition. You should be at a low risk for complications from surgery and general anesthesia. And most importantly, you must be committed to changing your lifestyle to keep the weight off. Our team will teach you and support you, but only you can do the work.

Know Your Options

Torrance Memorial offers several types of bariatric surgeries. Your surgeon can help you decide which is most appropriate for your situation, and your care team can help you understand how to prepare for surgery.

Committing to Change

Bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic change, and it is not a substitute for healthy living—it is a commitment to improve your health and habits for a lifetime. We can help you change, but only you can ensure a lifestyle of health. For more information about starting on this new journey, call us at 310-891-6735.