At the time of the initial consultation, the teen, along with their family, is assessed on the biological, physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of their life. If appropriate, the teen will be entered into the Thelma McMillen Teen Outpatient Program; if not, a referral will be made to an appropriate resource. Upon entry into the program, the adolescent receives a comprehensive history and physical review, and then a three-phase course of treatment is put into action Teens are administered weekly random drug testing throughout their participation.

Phase I - Intensive Care

During the initial ten-week Intensive Care phase, teens and their families attend four sessions weekly to address addiction education, relapse triggers and 12-step philosophy. A multidisciplinary team of professionals devises an individualized treatment plan, addressing family, school, and individual barriers to recovery.

Phase II - Transitional Care

The four-month Transitional Care phase of the program focuses on relapse prevention, peer support, and practical applications of learned recovery tools. Progress is assessed to determine attendance requirements, and most clients are required to attend at least three-times weekly.

Phase III - Continuing Care

Teens in the Continuing Care phase of treatment are encouraged to attend weekly peer support groups and monthly community social activities until they reach 18. They are also welcome to join in quarterly teen social nights aimed at sober fun and creative expression.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is integral to the successful treatment process. Family members are involved at every step of the way, including individual family and multi-family group therapy sessions. Teens and their families address issues such as communication, conflict, and healthy boundaries.

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