A Partnership

For more than 20 years, the Thelma McMillen Center has enjoyed a successful and meaningful partnership with South Bay mental health professionals, addiction treatment counselors, physicians, attorneys, EAPs and other professionals working with the problems of alcohol and substance abuse. We have a shared goal of identifying patients/clients in need of alcohol and drug treatment, and providing collaborative care that enables them to get clean and sober in their community. Together, we have been able to make lasting changes in the lives of South Bay residents and stop the patterns of addiction. The healing starts and ends with you, our referring professional.

The First Step on the Road to Recovery

If you are working with a patient/client who is suffering, and you believe that alcohol or substance use or addiction may be hindering his or her physical or emotional well-being, we have an array of resources available to you and your patient/client, from education to treatment:

  • Assessment tools for use in your office
  • Schedule of our on-site professional education program, Frontiers in Addiction
  • South Bay Professional networking meetings
  • Online resource center, including an educational video library
  • Consultation for your patient/client, at no charge
  • Intensive outpatient Adult Treatment and Teen Treatment

Additional services for teens

  • Drug testing, at no cost (if positive, recommendations will be offered to parents)

Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment The Right Path For Your Client/Patient?

The Thelma McMillen Center is a not-for-profit entity dedicated to the health and well being of residents in the South Bay. The Center and its staff of professionals remain committed to providing the most effective care with compassion and respect for the individual needs of every client. As such, during the assessment process, our team of highly-trained professionals accurately determines what the best plan of care is for the client, and whether or not outpatient care is most appropriate. Taking into account what is best for the client, recommendations are made.


Your participation is valuable and welcome throughout the entire treatment process.

With the consent of the client, your level of involvement with treatment can be tailored to maximize the benefit to the client. We will work with you and your schedule, and can provide input including:

  • Participation in initial staffing/treatment planning (can be done by phone conference or in person)
  • Regular progress reports
  • Discharge Summary
  • Ongoing communication with treatment team, as needed

Among the advantages of outpatient treatment is that the client can continue in their therapeutic work with you, while they receive assistance from our team in learning about, and dealing with their alcohol/substance use issues.

Ongoing Recovery

As you are aware, the majority of clients have co-occurring emotional issues, which require additional treatment beyond the scope of our work with them. We strongly encourage, and often require, that the clients continue their work with you, not only during our program, but upon discharge as well.

The doors of the Thelma McMillen Center, will, however, always remain open to your client, and its caring staff and state-of-the-art resources will serve as an ongoing support system throughout your client's recovery.

How to Make a Referral

Call our primary number 310-784-4879 and our Intake Specialist, Therese Lang, will answer your, or your clients questions. We look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you to battle the problems of alcohol and substance abuse and addiction.

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