“After years of feeling the physical strain and emotional remorse from weekend after weekend of binge drinking, I finally decided to seek help. The Thelma McMillen Center at TMMC helped me turn my life around. The structure, informative lectures, group meetings, and real-world experiences of the counseling staff helped me to build a foundation for “living life on life’s terms”. I am thankful I found their recovery program and all it has done for me, my family and the many new friends I’ve found along the way.

- Lori

“Ten years ago, a friend of my son came to me and told me that my son had a problem with drugs. I was shocked. He was 18 years old, working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, had a lovely girlfriend, a steady job, and had his own apartment. We had a family meeting and my son agreed to move home and get help. Well now what? I didn’t know how to get him the help I promised. I knew nothing about addiction. I had never known any addicts or alcoholics. I didn’t have a clue where to start.

I turned to the internet, and found Thelma McMillen. My son was able to have a consult the very next day, and started treatment immediately. I started attending family groups. When I learned the extent of his addiction, my life became a constant state of fear and worry.

My prayers for my son changed from “Please let him have a wonderful career, family home, etc.” to “Please let him live another day.” I wrestled with the guilt of how I had failed as a parent and became determined to make it up to him. I attended the family groups for the sole purpose of helping my son, but what I found was help for myself. I couldn’t believe that other family members were feeling the same things that I was feeling. It was such a relief to not feel alone in my pain. I learned that everything I thought I was doing to help him was in fact aiding and abetting his addiction. I learned that this is a family disease and we all needed to get healthy.

Today my son is happy and helping others with their struggles. The road was not easy but it continues to be successful, and it started at Thelma McMillen.”

- Evelyn

“Thelma McMillen….has kept me sober. They taught me how to live sober. After thirty-nine years of drinking I had no idea how to function without alcohol. I met other people who were getting sober, made many friends, did everyday things, all with sober people and found it was fun and meaningful. I learned it was more than OK to have sober friends, it was fun and the whole world doesn't function on mind altering substances or alcohol. A real awakening.”

- Joel

“When I came into The McMillen Center three years ago I had no idea I would have the life I have today. With the help of counselors and peer groups I gained a better way of seeing the journey ahead of me. I no longer live in the past and work on being present. What a gift! Thank You Thelma McMillen Staff!

Forever Grateful,”

- Darlene

“I arrived at Thelma in the summer of 2008 at age 73, having tried and failed to stop drinking for many years. I was worried that, at my age, it was too late. The staff quickly put me at ease, and gave me an important clue, ‘Be Honest!!’ That made no sense but I tried it, and it worked! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

- James

“I came to Thelma McMillen seeking help with my problem with alcohol, what I received was the gift of life. After 11 years of not drinking, I found myself in detox following a 30 day binge. I was dismayed, disgusted and demoralized. I needed help, not just detox.

A social worker from the hospital pointed me in the direction of Thelma McMillen Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment. Scared to death I called that same day and entered the program the following day.

As sick as I was, both mentally, emotionally and physically, I needed a team of professional men and women who not only had the knowledge and experience, but the patience and heart to help me. The staff at Thelma McMillen; from the receptionists, counselors, therapists and the director of the program himself were open, genuine and loving from day one. Thelma McMillen gave me an understanding of my disease and showed me the way to a sober life worth living.

Thank you!”

- Nancy

“I write this testimonial in the hope others find what was so freely given me. I am truly grateful for The Thelma McMillen Center and all those responsible for forever changing my life. The team of counselors and intensive curriculum dedicated to serving others has been my greatest blessing.

30 years ago my brother struggling with addiction was a patient of the current Executive Director of Thelma McMillen, Dr. Gelbart. Little did I know some years later I too would struggle with Alcohol addiction.

The Comprehensive education I received about the causes and baffling effects of addiction has completely changed me. I have been given the tools to live a productive, purposeful, happy life. Addiction not only destroys the individual but also destroys the family and friends associated with that individual. Thelma McMillen has resurrected this soul, restored my family and given me back so many personal relationships that I once had lost.

Thank You Thelma McMillen for showing me the way. I once lived in darkness but have been given the gift of living in the light. There is hope for all thanks to Thelma McMillen. You too can be the light of the world.”

- Jack

“Hello my name is Evan, and i am an alcoholic. I am 36 years old and I am a father of 3 beautiful daughters soon to be 4. I am a son, a brother and my own worse enemy. I have been a drinker for 20 plus years of my life. It started in high school like most teenagers and progressed while in the Marine Corps. I started drinking to be social and while hanging out, but that didn’t last long. I would always want more and more. I would never drink during the work week i would wait till Friday night and not stop till Monday morning. I was bad! I got injured at work and due to all the down time drinking was the only thing i had to do to kill the time and the pain. I now was drinking everyday all day. I was losing my daughters and the ones that were close to me. I needed help and Thelma McMillen was my saving grace. I never thought that i could live without drinking cause i never new a life without it. I gave into the fact that i was an alcoholic, which was the hardest thing i had to do and committed myself to 9 months of this program. Needless to say it worked. I am now 9 months sober and I am on top of the world. I now have my life back and i don’t have to drink to be social, go boating, to a wedding, or just to get through the day. Thelma McMillen has taught me how to do this. They have given me the tools i need to beat this addiction. I will always be an alcoholic, but I have learned how to handle situations in life without picking up that bottle. In ending Thelma McMillen has saved my life and given me a life that i never thought was possible. I am free of the shackles of my alcohol and i owe this all to Themla McMillen.”

- Evan

“I'm an alumnus of the Thelma McMillen Intensive Outpatient Program. I started the program in December 2014 and graduated in August of 2015. I didn't think the program was for me when I started. In fact, I almost walked out of my first night. Dr. Watson was kind enough to talk to me and he just basically said to give the program a try. So I did and sat in my first family group with much pessimism. But as I started to hear other people share their story, I heard some similarities with my own story. I just decided from then on to 'keep coming back'. I'm here to tell you from my experience that the program works. But it will only work if you are willing to do what they ask you to do. The program is simple and straightforward. It's not until towards the middle of my program that I truly believed that I'm an alcoholic. There were times that I struggled with my addiction but I just followed what they asked me to do and I am still sober. They really gave me the tools to use to prevent myself from relapsing. I truly believe it's a good program.”

- Robert

“Just wanting to write and let you know how much your program helped me... I was lost and in a great deal of trouble with my health I have Hep-C and had stage four liver cirrhosis and I bled out four times due to my relapses... I called Thelma and asked if they would allow me to come back into treatment...without a second thought they said yes. It literally saved my life...it`s a great program...run by people who know what they`re doing, who care about the clients and who`s knowledge about recovery is second to none. I owe Thelma my life and I`m eternally grateful for their continued guidance and support,

- Matt