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Assess Your Current Fitness Level

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Assess Your Current Fitness Level

You probably have some idea of how fit you are based on your ability to complete everyday tasks such as walking the dog, household cleaning or grocery shopping. Completing a fitness self-assessment will help you create a safe and effective fitness plan, set attainable goals and track your progress. Tips for assessing your fitness:

  • Record your accurate weight. If you wish, you can also measure your height and figure out your body mass index (BMI) using an online BMI calculator.
  • Estimate how many minutes of exercise you are getting in an average week. Be honest.
  • Take a brisk walk. Notice if or when you start to feel out of breath. Estimate how quickly you were walking and how far you had walked when you began to feel breathless.
  • Do the push-up test. Push-ups can help you measure muscular strength. Do as many push-ups as you can until you need to stop for rest. Do a modified version on your knees if you are just starting out.

Your performance on these simple assessments is now your benchmark. Measure yourself against these every so often as you follow your fitness routine.