Healthy Ever After – Kids

Sponsored by Torrance Memorial's Lundquist Lurie Cardiovascular Institute, and South Bay YMCA, Healthy Ever After – Kids is a fun and interactive series of six meetings for overweight children, ages 9 to 12. While kids are making new friends, a team of nutrition and fitness specialists teach and encourage the participants to make choices for a healthier future.

Kids will learn the benefits of movement by using games, dance and strength training, healthy eating habits, how to set lifestyle goals and how to make changes in order to reach those goals. Parents learn too. A parent or guardian attends all class meetings.

Meetings are held once a week and prior registration is required. Fitness classes are free of charge and all material is provided by the instructor.

Torrance and South Bay YMCA

Healthy Ever After

Getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables often ends up being a second job for parents. With soda, candy and processed foods in cafeterias at their disposal, it's no wonder children tend to pick pizza over spaghetti squash.

In order to help change these habits, a program called Healthy Ever After was created for the Torrance Unified School District by Torrance Memorial as part of the hospital's Community Benefit Program. Funding is provided by the Lundquist Lurie Cardiovascular Institute at Torrance Memorial.

The ultimate goal of the program is to teach kids about making the right choices and enlighten them on healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Ever After began in the Torrance Unified School District in January of 2012. The program has drawn in 5,600 students in Torrance from ten local elementary schools with more to come.

For additional information and inquiries to join Healthy Ever After program please call 310-517-4711.