Growing for Our Community

For more than eight decades, Torrance Memorial has had one mission: to serve the healthcare needs of the South Bay. During all these years we have stood together, hospital and community, committed to making quality medical care accessible to all.

As we look to the future, it is clear that we are at a critical juncture. Demand for healthcare is escalating, driven largely by hospital closures and an aging, growing population. We can foresee the day when demand will exceed capacity. Positive steps must be taken now to ensure Torrance Memorial will have the facilities necessary to continue our mission of service.

Our New Lundquist Tower Campaign focuses on future needs. Providing for the construction of a new, seven-story main tower, it expands and totally modernizes our campus with even higher standards than before. Featuring the latest in hospital design, it will greatly increase bed capacity and enable us to deliver an advanced level of patient safety and care. It will serve the South Bay for generations to come.

Why Invest?

Torrance Memorial belongs to our community. It has the financial stability and commitment to be here long term, ensuring continued local access to emergency and healthcare services for South Bay residents-improving all our lives.

A strong, vibrant medical center bodes well for a strong, vibrant community. The impact of a gift has never been more significant or enduring. Your investment will be paid back daily - for you, your loved ones and neighbors - now and in future generations.

You are invited to invest in our community's future and make the New Lundquist Tower a reality.

New Lundquist Tower

Torrance Memorial will open its doors to its latest technological breakthrough: The New Lundquist Tower

Naming Opportunities

There are several named-giving opportunities that provide a way for you to leave your own legacy at Torrance Memorial.

The Gift of Giving

The fulfillment of Torrance Memorial's mission depends on your support

Torrance Memorial Foundation

Nurtures that long-standing partnership with the community