Festival Co-Chairs
Carolyn Snyder and Bev George

Facility Chair
Ray O'Dell

Boutique Committee
Ruth Daniels, Christina Pavesi, Linda Roehm and Donna LaMont

Children's Market Place Co-Chairs
Cathy Siegel, Debbie Uba & Romy Kanemitsu

Senior Market Place Committee
Ginny Frazier, Florence Tebbets and Darol Draggoo

Design Committee
Celeste Crandell, Michelle Rand, Robin Panitch and Emily Wickline

Santa Booth Committee
Angie Scott and Diane Urquhart

Entertainment Co-Chair
Bert Stewart and Joyce Jimenez

Finance Co-Chairs
Betty Broughton, Barbara Smith, Jean O'Dell and Bonnie Medina

Silent Auction Co-Chairs
Song Cho Klein, Diane Landon, Helaine Lopes and Kathleen Wilson

Fashion Show Co-Chairs
Linda Perry, Allison Mayer, Roxanne Mirhashemi and Joy Theodora

Opportunity Drawing Chair
Gail Quinn

Publicity Chair
Mary Rose Jeffry

Volunteer Chair
Shirley Hall

Santa Lunch
Luminaries and Novas

Luminaries Co-Chairs
Karen Bronson & Kara Kent