Your Financial Health

Torrance Memorial Medical Center's Professional Advisory Council (PAC) is a volunteer group of estate planning attorneys, accountants, financial planners and eldercare professionals dedicated to supporting Torrance Memorial Medical Center and educating the community of the benefits of charitable tax and estate planning.

Financial Health Seminars

As part of PAC's community outreach, this group of professionals volunteer their time to conduct informative and educational seminars.

2019 Financial Health Seminar Topics

  • Individual Taxation: Wrapping up 2018 & Planning for 2019
  • Trusts and Powers of Attorney: What They Are & Reasons for Them
  • Savvy Social Security Planning
  • Investing For and During a Successful Retirement
  • Taking Inventory for Planning through Stages of Life
  • Costs & Considerations When Care is Needed – Beyond Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe
  • Late Life Planning – Beyond Caregivers, What Should I Plan?
  • Boot Camp for the Executor
  • Retirement Income & Estate Planning Strategies for IRAs & 401(k)s
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Financial Health Tips

PAC wants to help you know your money and be financially healthy with tax and estate planning tips.

Council Members