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smoke free campus map

Torrance Memorial Medical Center, its surrounding campus and off-site locations are smoke-free and tobacco-free. Patients and visitors are asked to observe our smoke-free policy while on the Torrance Memorial campus.

Thank you for your cooperation. As always, Torrance Memorial is your partner in good health. To obtain information about resources to assist you or a loved one about quitting smoking, call 310-517-4711.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I smoke in a designated area on campus?
A. Patients, visitors and employees are not permitted to smoke anywhere on campus. All individuals must leave the campus premises to smoke.

Q. What about the parking structure and parking lots? Is smoking permitted in those locations?
A. The parking structure and parking lots are part of the campus and are also non-smoking areas.

Q. What about admitted patients who want to smoke, where should they go?
A. All patients will be notified of our smoke-free policy upon admission or registration. If a patient needs an alternative to a cigarette while in the hospital they may inquire with their nurse, who may be able to get an order from the patient’s physician for a suppressant during their stay with us.

Q. Are other hospitals smoke-free?
A. Many other hospitals in California have been smoke-free for years.