We are Safer Together

Thanks to our South Bay community for doing your part. Your efforts have made it possible for us to take the next steps back to health and wellness. Getting the care you need when you need it is essential. Timely treatments, testing and in-person visits offer the highest level of care and success.

Don't put your health on hold. Your safety and well-being are our top priority at all times. Call your doctors and follow up on your regular screenings and treatments.

How We Are Keeping You Safe

  • Mandatory Daily Screening and Temperature Checks – Every person who enters our facility goes through a daily screening and temperature check.
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Each staff member on a patient’s care team has the proper PPE to ensure patient and staff safety. We have ample supply of all the necessary PPE required for any medical or surgical need.
  • Isolation of COVID Patients – We have implemented strict isolation practices to separate COVID-19 patients from other patients in our care.
  • Extensive Training - Our physicians, nurses and ancillary care team members have clinical training and experience in infectious disease prevention and follow strict protocols for maintaining a safe patient environment.
  • No Visitor Policy – In accordance with CDC guidelines to protect our patients and staff, no visitors will be allowed in any inpatient areas until further notice with the exceptions below:
    • Pediatrics and NICU: Both parents allowed after screening.
    • Labor and Delivery: One visitor per patient at a time will be allowed after screening.
    • Compassionate Care: Visitors may be allowed at the discretion of our care teams. Limited to no more than two visitors at a time.
  • Infection Prevention Distancing – We have implemented many physical distancing measures throughout the hospital and our physician offices.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – Torrance Memorial follows CDC protocols for cleaning and disinfecting all patient and treatment areas. Rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients.

The Torrance Memorial Infection Prevention Department can be reached at (310) 517-7057.

An Important Message from Emergency Physician, Dr. Gray

Elective Surgeries and Screening Exams

Through careful planning and guidance from our infectious disease specialists and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Torrance Memorial is planning to expand the number of surgical patients starting the week of May 4.

Proceduralists across many departments including the operating room, GI lab, cath lab, bronchoscopy suite and interventional radiology are reviewing their backlog of cases to identify the most urgent cases for rescheduling in the coming weeks. To support these cases, we will also begin to expand ancillary services, such as laboratory and imaging (MRI, CT, ultrasound and radiology).

It is very important to us that all patients feel comfortable and safe while accessing the health services and care Torrance Memorial provides. We will continue with all the safety measures implemented over the past several weeks. Additional steps to ensure patient safety include testing patients for COVID prior to surgery and infectious prevention distancing will be added to our patient care protocols.

Is Torrance Memorial Testing for COVID-19?

If you suspect you may have COVID-19, please contact your primary care provider who will determine if you should be tested. If you do not have a primary care provider, please visit one of our Torrance Memorial Urgent Cares. You also can call our COVID Health Line at (310) 891-6717.

The Torrance Memorial Emergency Department will not be testing general asymptomatic patients or patients with mild symptoms such as a cough or fever. Asymptomatic testing is generally part of a larger public health initiative led by government agencies, such as the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, to help monitor the spread of COVID-19.

Torrance Memorial does not provide COVID testing for patients who:

  • Must provide proof of testing to an employer, summer camp, daycare, etc., for themselves or their family members.
  • Require proof of a negative COVID-19 when traveling to another state.
  • Seek “clearance” to travel, visit relatives or participate in activities that do not allow for physical distancing and proper masking.

Torrance Memorial will provide COVID testing for patients who:

  • Are preparing for a scheduled procedure at Torrance Memorial.
  • Have an order from a Torrance Memorial Physician Network provider.

If you do not meet the testing criteria, free testing is available through the LA County Department of Public Health and select CVS locations at covid19.lacounty.gov/testing.

Should I Be Tested for Antibodies?