1. Compliance Plan and Policy Manual
    1. TMIP ACO-COMP-001, Compliance Plan
    2. TMIP ACO-COMP-002, Code of Conduct
    3. TMIP ACO-COMP-003, Designation of Compliance Officer
    4. TMIP ACO-COMP-004, Compliance Education and Training
    5. TMIP ACO-COMP-005, Communicating Potential Compliance Issues
    6. TMIP ACO-COMP-006, Investigation of Corrective Action and Reporting Compliance Violations
    7. TMIP ACO-COMP-007, Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    8. TMIP ACO-COMP-008, Conflict of Interest
    9. TMIP ACO-COMP-009, Confidentiality and Protection of Protected Health Information
    10. TMIP ACO-COMP-010, Confidentiality Agreement
    11. TMIP ACO-COMP-011, Exclusion Screening
    12. TMIP ACO-COMP-012, Business and Professional Ethics Policy
    13. HIPAA Privacy Training Presentation
    14. General Compliance and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training
    15. Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
  1. Next Generation ACO Model Participation Agreement
  2. TMIP Next Generation ACO Model 2019 Participating Provider Participation Agreement
  3. TMIP Next Generation ACO Model Participating Provider Notification Letter
  4. ACO Governance