The Lundquist Tower serves as the centerpiece of the Torrance Memorial Medical Center Campus.

Key Facts

  • The Lundquist Tower comprises 390,000- square-feet, which includes seven floors and a basement level.
  • It offers 256 private patient rooms, which increases the total number of beds to 470 active licensed beds.
  • The Lundquist Tower connects to the existing tower through five corridors: one at the basement level; two on the first level; and two on the second level.

Patient Room Key Facts

  • Patient rooms are 30 percent larger than in the existing hospital.
  • All rooms feature a comfortable visitor's chair with a tablet arm for use with electronic devices.
  • Patient rooms in Med/Surg and PCU feature a sleeper chair for family members.
  • In-room dialysis offered in 112 rooms.
  • Original photography of California scenes on patient headwalls.
  • Footwalls feature 40-inch, high-definition TV monitors that also serve as computers.
  • Eighty-eight patient rooms offer built-in patient lifts.
  • Distributed caregiver stations offer a windowed view of each patient room. They feature task chairs, a computer and phones, along with a built-in infection control supply closet.

Nurse Station Key Facts

  • The nurse stations are designed with a balance of privacy for the caregivers, while at the same time providing a welcoming feeling for the public.
  • There is a “meeting table” built into the design of the station to make impromptu collaboration convenient.
  • Each nursing unit offers two nutrition rooms (four per floor), which offer ice-makers and refrigerators in close proximity to patient care areas. They are locked for use by hospital staff only to provide snack foods, juices, etc. to patients.

Floor-By-Floor Highlights

The Basement

  • Primary Features – Central Supply, Inpatient Pharmacy, Sterile Processing and the Central Utility Plant.

The First Floor

  • The first floor contains the Main Lobby, Imaging/Radiology, Admitting/Pre-Testing, the Café, Dietary Services, Chapel, Gift Shop, Healing Garden, public and staff elevators.
  • Our Auxiliary Healing Garden offers a peaceful setting for patients and visitors with seating, water-efficient landscaping and fountains.
  • The Turpanjian Chapel is an aesthetically pleasing place for quiet contemplation and thoughts. A non-denominational Sunday Chapel Service is offered at 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM.
  • The Imaging Department includes seven pre-testing examination rooms, along with a new MRI machine, one CT scanning unit (with room for a second unit) and three ultrasound rooms.
  • The Information Desk in the Grand Lobby greets visitors upon arrival to the Lundquist Tower.
  • Admitting/Pre-Testing offers enclosed areas for patient and visitor privacy.
  • The CT scanning unit on the first floor.
  • The Gift Shop features a welcoming glass-walled entrance designed in the spirit of Hudson News, a chain of newsstands located primarily in major transportation hubs, such as airport and train terminals.
  • The Café offers indoor seating for 150 and outdoor seating for 50 in a covered patio area.
  • A Starbucks Coffee Kiosk offers salads, sandwiches and other “grab and go” dining options.

Second Floor

  • The second floor houses Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Cath Lab, Pre-op/ Post-op, Satellite In-Patient Pharmacy, and a Visitor Waiting Room.
  • The second floor features a large waiting room, where visitors can gather to wait for loved ones to finish surgery. Other floors feature smaller Visitor Lounges. Inside the Waiting Room a Patient Status Board provides updates to families using a private patient code system, while their loved ones are in Pre-Op, Surgery and Post-Op recovery. Additional boards are located in the first floor Grand Lobby and in the Café.
  • The Pre-Op Care Unit features 18 private and semi-private bays located on the exterior, “windowed” side of the hospital to allow for natural light.
  • Twelve new state-of-the-art Operating Room suites.

Third Floor

  • Progressive Care Unit (PCU) (26 beds), PCU Visitor Lounge, Satellite Pharmacy, Respiratory Workroom, Intensive Care Unit (ICU)(24 beds), ICU Visitor Lounge.

Fourth Floor

  • PCU (26 beds), PCU Visitor Lounge, Radiology, Respiratory Workroom, Satellite Pharmacy, Cardiovascular ICU (12 beds), Burn ICU (12 beds), ICU Visitor Lounges.
  • Visitor Lounge areas where friends and family members can relax during a loved one’s care.

Fifth Floor

  • Telemetry (12 beds), PCU (14 beds), Visitor Lounge, Dialysis Workroom, Medical/Surgical (Med/Surg) (26 beds).

Sixth Floor

  • Med/Surg (52 beds), Visitor Lounge, Physical Therapy Workroom.

Seventh Floor

  • Med/Surg (52 beds), Visitor Lounge, Inpatient Endoscopy Suite.

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