Wound Center

Wound Center

Treating Chronic Wounds Requires a Specialized Approach

If you or a loved one are experiencing the frustration of a wound that refuses to heal, there is help at the Wound Healing Center at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. It offers complete care that aims to successfully treat wounds, as well as prevent them from occurring.

Staffed by highly skilled and experienced registered nurses and physical therapists, the Center is the only one of its kind in the South Bay. The caliber of the staff is one unique aspect of the Torrance Memorial Wound Healing Center.

Are You A Candidate?

If you or someone you know has symptoms of a difficult wound, call the Wound Healing Center. People with diabetes, poor circulation, or those using medication that suppresses the immune system are among those who often need specialized treatment for difficult wounds. Your doctor may refer you directly to our team of clinicians and physical therapists, and may request our supervising physician to follow up with your treatment.

Signs and symptoms of difficult wounds include:

  • Has not healed in four to six weeks
  • Appears red, inflamed or infected
  • Oozes pus or fluid
  • Flares up repeatedly after beginning to heal
  • Reoccurring or frequently occurring wounds or sores in the same physical location

Coordination Is The Key

A benefit of our service is the coordination that occurs on your behalf between all the members of your care team. One member of the team assumes responsibility for managing communication between you, your doctor, insurance company, and members of the care team. This individual involves the patient and the family in treatment planning and also coordinates all lab work, X-rays, and other diagnostic services. We also coordinate arrangements for home healthcare and with skilled nursing facilities.

Why Choose a Wound Healing Center?

Thousands of people in the South Bay suffer from persistent, non-healing wounds. A rise in the incidence of chronic disease can be expected among an aging population. To respond to this need, Torrance Memorial had assembled the expertise, facilities and equipment to offer a coordinated program that previously did not exist in the South Bay. Torrance Memorial offers a complete program that stands out for the following reasons:

  • Physician specialist in wound healing
  • Highly skilled treatment team
  • Individualized treatment
  • Care coordination
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Warm, friendly environment
  • Positive results

You're An Active Participant

An important part of our approach is making sure you understand the vital role you play in the success of your treatment. We'll work with you and your loved ones to develop a plan, and we'll provide the necessary teaching so you can continue treatments at home that will further the progress of the care we provide at the Center. We share a common goal to get you better.

Don't Let Any More Time Go By

If you're struggling with a wound that won't heal, or worrying about someone who is, it's time to ask your doctor about the Wound Healing Center, or contact us directly.

Call 310-517-4735 for an appointment today.