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For over 60 years the Torrance Memorial Volunteers have played an integral role in providing compassionate service to patients and visitors. With the opportunity to serve throughout the medical center as a volunteer, you will help with big and small requests alike. For example, you might comfort patients recovering from surgery, provide information to visitors or play the piano to cheer up patients and visitors. You will be part of a team that is committed to helping others and enjoy a stimulating environment while volunteering at Torrance Memorial. Hospital volunteers interact with health care professionals, administrative staff and include almost 1,000 dedicated people who give of themselves to make Torrance Memorial a leader in providing health care to our community.

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For additional information about Torrance Memorial's Volunteer Programs, call 310-517-4752

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Blessings Found in Hardship

Volunteering brings smiles to Allen Scarpetti and all those in his path.

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Puppy Love

Torrance Memorial's Pet Visitation Program, trains dogs to help lift patient's spirits.

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