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Main Tower Construction

Day In the Life
We are preparing for day one of patient care by conducting a series of dress rehearsals. Play Video
Fit Up 07/2014
We are now ready to prepare the building for patient care. Play Video
MRI Installation 04/2014
A 16,000 pound MRI unit has been scanned and delivered to the new Lundquist tower. Play Video
The Patient Experience 02/2014
Discover the new comfort features for both patients and visitors in the new private patient rooms. Play Video
Get Me To The Boilers On Time 10/13
We broke down the construction barrier creating the connection from the new to the existing tower and we took ownership of the new boilers. Play Video
Healing Spaces 8/2013
Explore the open spaces and natural light in the new main tower. Play Video
Tools of The Trade 7/22/13
Learn about the technology being used to build the new main tower at Torrance Memorial. Play Video
That's a Lot of Pipes 3/2013
We are 18 months out from the completion of the new main tower. Let's take a look in the central utility plant. Play Video
Interior Progress 12/10/12
Take a look inside the new main tower at Torrance Memorial and see all the progress that has been done. Play Video
Construction Update: Air Handlers 9/17/2012
It’s now time for the new patient tower to come to life: installation of air handlers. Play Video
Construction Update: Precast Panels 7/27/12
The instillation of precast panels, the skin of the new patient tower. Play Video
Construction Update: New Floors 5/15/12
Getting to work on the inside: What does it take to create concrete floors? Play Video
Construction Update: Topping Out Celebration 2/23/12
Celebrating the Half-Way Mark in Construction of the New Patient Tower Play Video
Construction Update: Down in the Basement 1/31/12
This episode explains how a "Dirt Sandwich" protects the basement utilities. Play Video
Construction Update: Up With Steel 12/20/11
Take a look. Our first steel column was set October 31 and we now have 55 feet already erected. Play Video
Construction Update: The Big Pour (Pt. 2) 9/6/11
Connie takes us behind the scenes of our first mat foundation pour and shows us the secret recipe to (concrete) success! Play Video
Construction Update: The Big Pour (Pt. 1) 9/6/11
A time-lapse of the late night through early morning cement pour for our new Main Tower! Play Video
Construction Update: The BIG Lift 8/16/11
How do you lift a 78,000 pound bulldozer out of a hole? Kind of the same way those candy cranes work, except a lot more carefully. Check it out! Play Video
Construction Update: Tie Backs 7/20/11
Connie takes us into the construction area (30 feet below!) to show us tie back installation and testing. Play Video
Construction Update: Performance Testing 6/14/11
A model replica of our new tower was built and run through the gamut of water, wind and earthquake simulated testing. Watch this behind the scene look at the process with Connie Senner! Play Video
Construction Update: The Big Dig 4/18/11
After the Groundbreaking, the "Big Dig" has begun! Watch as Connie takes you through the current happenings on the job site. Play Video
Construction Update: Valet Parking 4/11/11
Due to recent closures of some parking, we have implemented free valet parking for our patients and visitors. Located in the Main Parking structure, we hope this makes your visit a little more ... Play Video
Construction Update: First Steel 12/12/10
The first steel beams that will be the connection to the new Main Tower are up. Connie explains the latest with our construction efforts. Play Video
Construction Update: New Entryway 09/10
Watch as Connie and the crew open the medical center's new entryway - a big step in our Main Tower construction efforts! Play Video
Construction Update: Entry Paving 9/12/10
A new road, new entry off Lomita Blvd. for our upcoming Main Tower and growing campus. Join Connie and see how construction around campus is going! Play Video