Chemical Dependency

McMillen Program
The First Step in The Right Direction Play Video
HealthBeat: The Story of Addiction
Is it just having fun, or is it an addiction? We talk to the staff at the Thelma McMillen Center for answers. Play Video
HealthBeat: Cost of Substance Abuse
Substance abuse doesn't just cost money, but relationships suffer too. Find out what happens to an addict when abuse happens. Play Video
HealthBeat: Facing The Problem
The hardest part about addiction is admitting you have a problem. Find out what you can do to help. Play Video
HealthBeat: Finding Answers
Thelma McMillen offers comprehensive treatment programs for teens and adults facing substance abuse problems. Play Video
HealthBeat: Successful Transitions
Successful transitions to living your life substance-free is what we strive for. Play Video