Bariatric Surgery Program

Bariatric Program Overview
A quick overview of our Bariatric Surgery program, a certified Center of Excellence. Play Video
Angela's Story
Angela got a new lease on life after Bariatric surgery at Torrance Memorial. Play Video
Benito's Story
Benito lost over 145 lbs and has a new chance at life. See how our Bariatric care program helped. Play Video
Brandi's Story
Brandi talks about the Bariatric Program at Torrance Memorial, and how it's changed her life. Play Video
Jesse's Story
Jesse got his life back. Play Video
Priscilla's Story
Priscilla explains her story, and how the Bariatric Surgery program helped to save her life. Play Video
Theresa's Story
Watch Theresa tell her amazing story about her success with the Bariatric Surgery program. Play Video
Toni's Story
Toni talks about how Bariatric surgery changed her life. Play Video