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Magnet Celebration
Torrance Memorial has achieved Magnet Recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Play Video
Magnet Conference
More than 7,000 nurses and nursing executives from top hospitals celebrate Magnet Recognition. Play Video
Magnet Fest 2012
Torrance Memorial Celebrates 'Magnet Recognition' Play Video
Magnet Recognition
Torrance Memorial has been recognized as a Magnet Hospital. Play Video
Bariatric Program Overview
A quick overview of our Bariatric Surgery program, a certified Center of Excellence. Play Video
Angela's Story
Angela got a new lease on life after Bariatric surgery at Torrance Memorial. Play Video
Benito's Story
Benito lost over 145 lbs and has a new chance at life. See how our Bariatric care program helped. Play Video
Brandi's Story
Brandi talks about the Bariatric Program at Torrance Memorial, and how it's changed her life. Play Video
Jesse's Story
Jesse got his life back. Play Video
Priscilla's Story
Priscilla explains her story, and how the Bariatric Surgery program helped to save her life. Play Video
Theresa's Story
Watch Theresa tell her amazing story about her success with the Bariatric Surgery program. Play Video
Toni's Story
Toni talks about how Bariatric surgery changed her life. Play Video
Hunt Cancer Institute
The Hunt Cancer Institute of Torrance Memorial offers comprehensive oncology treatment programs with the regions top cancer specialist. Play Video
Complete Cancer Care
Learn about the cancer services available to all patients going through cancer treatment. Play Video
Tumor Board
Every week a group of physicians from across multiple disciplines gather to discuss newly diagnosed cancer cases. Play Video
Oncology Unit
Patients have access to all different specialists and are cared for by specially trained oncology nurses. Play Video
Nurse Navigators
Each patient diagnosed through the Breast Diagnostic Center are met by one of our Nurse Navigators. Play Video
Radiation Oncology
Meet the radiation oncology team and learn about the work done by this team to combat cancer. Play Video
Meet the Breast Diagnostic Center
Meet member of the Breast Diagnostic Centers. Play Video
Woman to Woman
Our volunteers offer a unique service to women going through the physical and emotional effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Play Video
Torrance Memorial Lundquist Cardiovascular Institute
Southern California residents will be glad to know that Torrance Memorial Medical Center is renowned as our region’s leading provider of high quality cardiovascular care. Play Video
Code ICE Program
Learn about the Code ICE Program from one of our first patients to undergo this procedure during cardiac arrest. An amazing story! Play Video
Cardiac Rehab Program
Our Cardiac Rehab Program is here to ensure healthy progress as an outpatient. Play Video
Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO)
Dr. Wyman and team treating Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) cases. Play Video
Code 90: Saving A Life
Torrance Memorial is a STEMI receiving center. We're prepared to treat Code 90 patients en route to the hospital. Play Video
Total Care Collaboration
Our Cardiovascular group meets every week to go over individual cases, collaborating to find the best solution for optimal results. Play Video
McMillen Program
The First Step in The Right Direction Play Video
HealthBeat: The Story of Addiction
Is it just having fun, or is it an addiction? We talk to the staff at the Thelma McMillen Center for answers. Play Video
HealthBeat: Cost of Substance Abuse
Substance abuse doesn't just cost money, but relationships suffer too. Find out what happens to an addict when abuse happens. Play Video
HealthBeat: Facing The Problem
The hardest part about addiction is admitting you have a problem. Find out what you can do to help. Play Video
HealthBeat: Finding Answers
Thelma McMillen offers comprehensive treatment programs for teens and adults facing substance abuse problems. Play Video
HealthBeat: Successful Transitions
Successful transitions to living your life substance-free is what we strive for. Play Video
Diabetes Management
Play Video
What is Diabetes?
Play Video
Daniel Doke
Daniel Doke goes to Torrance Memorial. Play Video
Meet our ER Physicians!
Meet some of our Emergency Department docs as they take you through the doors of our ER! Play Video
Cancer Survivors Day
Celebrating Cancer Survivors Day at Torrance Memorial. Proud to see all those in attendance! Play Video
Miracle of Living at the Beach
Torrance Memorial is continuing a long tradition of health education lectures by establishing a series for the beach communities……. Play Video
Medicare 101
Attend our FREE Medicare 101 program where you will get the answers to make a confident decision on the Medicare option that is right for you. Learn more: Play Video
O.R. Show & Tell
Take this opportunity to get "hands on" knowledge about the latest operating room technologies. Play Video
Woman to Woman
Our volunteers offer a unique service to women going through the physical and emotional effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Play Video
Aging Well
Local seniors share their advice on living past the age of 70, as seen in our latest issue of PULSE Magazine. Play Video
Grow Your Own Salad Class
Ever wonder how you could grow all the vegetables you find in your salad? We have a class for our community all about this very topic! Play Video
Mat Pilates
Our new Center for Healthy Living offers a Mat Pilates class, which focuses on your core strengthening and stretching. Play Video
Questions for the Pharmacist
Do you take both prescription and over the counter medications? Learn about the hazards of combining these from a Pharmacist. Play Video
Parenting Classes
We offer a multitude of services so that you're well prepared for you new addition. Play Video
Tribute to Employee Service
In recognition of Torrance Memorial's employees community service. Play Video
Hospice is a framework of care that provides comfort and support for patients and their families as they near the end of life's journey. Play Video
Lundquist Tower Move-In Day
On November 16, 2014, we moved 150 patients into the new patient tower. Play Video
Torrance Memorial Story Wall
Telling the Torrance Memorial story at the Lundquist Tower. Play Video
Shaping Buildings, Lundquist Tower
"We shape our buildings thereafter they shape us" Play Video
Day In the Life
We are preparing for day one of patient care by conducting a series of dress rehearsals. Play Video
Fit Up 07/2014
We are now ready to prepare the building for patient care. Play Video
MRI Installation 04/2014
A 16,000 pound MRI unit has been scanned and delivered to the new Lundquist tower. Play Video
The Patient Experience 02/2014
Discover the new comfort features for both patients and visitors in the new private patient rooms. Play Video
Get Me To The Boilers On Time 10/2013
We broke down the construction barrier creating the connection from the new to the existing tower and we took ownership of the new boilers. Play Video
Parenting Classes
Meet some of our staff and watch a quick overview of our Parenting Classes. Play Video
Meet Our Maternal Child Staff
Our Maternal Child Health nurses are committed, passionate and love working with babies and families. Play Video
Meet Our NICU
Meet some of our wonderful physicians, nurses and staff from our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Play Video
The Golden Hour
After giving birth, there's a 'golden hour' where the parents and newborn are left alone to spend one interrupted hour together. Play Video
Sports Injury Prevention
Dr. Nicholas Silvino gives tips on how to prevent sports injuries at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
Anatomy of the Knee
Dr. Nicholas Silvino talks about the anatomy of the knee at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
ACL Knee Injuries
Dr. Nicholas Silvino discusses ACL knee injuries at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
Cartilage Injuries
Dr. Nicholas Silvino discusses cartilage knee injuries at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
Meniscus Tears
Dr. Nicholas Silvino explains meniscus tears at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
Patellofemoral Joint Disorders
Dr. Nicholas Silvino discusses patellofemoral joint knee injuries at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
Anatomy of the Shoulder
Dr. Nicholas Silvino explains the anatomy of the shoulder at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
Shoulder Impingement
Dr. Nicholas Silvino discusses a common shoulder injury at our Miracle of Living at The Beach lecture. Play Video
Act F.A.S.T.
Learn the signs of a stroke and what you can do to act FAST! Play Video
Stroke Diagnosis
Diagnosis of a stroke is critical to treatment. Our team explains why. Play Video
Stroke Survivor, His Comeback Story
Patient credits Torrance Memorial's healthcare team among greatest strengths in his recovery. Play Video
Stroke Treatment
Advanced medicine and services give stroke patients new hope. Play Video
What is a Stroke?
Torrance Memorial's Stroke Team discuss the symptoms of a stroke. Play Video
Versant RN Residency Program
Learn more about the Versant RN Resident Program offered at Torrance Memorial Medical Center Play Video
The Hands, Feet & Heart
Play Video
Urgent Care Manhattan Beach
Meet Torrance Memorial Urgent Care team in Manhattan Beach. Play Video
Meet Dr. Brian Miura
Meet Dr. Brian Miura, Medical Director of our Manhattan Beach Urgent Care location. Play Video
Meet Dr. Gretchen Lent
Meet Dr. Gretchen Lent, one of our Emergency Medical Physicians at our Urgent Care center Play Video
Jared and Helena
Play Video
Torrance Memorial Hospitalists
Play Video
Torrance Memorial Orthopedics
Entrust your care to the orthopedic physicians at Torrance Memorial, the 5th largest private orthopedic hospital in Los Angeles County and recognized as a provider of extraordinary orthopedic care. Play Video