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Terry Moore

Terry Moore, Knee Replacement

Terry Moore is an active, healthy and physically fit man, but at 66 years of age, and after years of running and playing sports, the soft tissue in his left knee had worn away. He describes it as "bone rubbing against bone with no cushion left between the joints for normal, functioning mobility."

Not one for slowing down or sitting on the sidelines, Terry did his research and found Dr. Todd Shrader, an Orthopedic Surgeon affiliated with Torrance Memorial. Based on Dr. Shrader's excellent track record with knee surgeries and his outstanding reputation, Terry decided it was time to meet with Dr. Shrader, adding, "Todd's an amazing orthopedic sports surgeon."

Recalling his initial consultation and evaluation, he says, "Dr. Shrader was very professional, caring and knowledgeable. He was entirely focused on me and my well-being. There were no distractions taking him away. I knew I'd found the right surgeon for me."

Terry was scheduled to have a Partial Left Knee Replacement and the surgery was his first experience with Torrance Memorial. He says, "The hospital staff was very attentive, from admissions to pre-op, the technicians and anesthesiologist, to post-op, I give them all 5 stars. Everyone was outstanding, very friendly and upbeat and very thorough and caring. Torrance is a wonderful healing environment."

After a two-night stay in the hospital, Terry was released and he says he walked—yes—walked out of the hospital. "A Physical Therapist came to my house and gave me some exercises but I was doing so well, there was no need for him to return." Just two months later, Terry was back on the volleyball court and swimming regularly. He marvels over the results, "It doesn't feel like a 66 year old knee anymore; it feels like a 20 year old knee. Now I always wonder, why didn't I do this sooner, instead of limping around like Frankenstein for so long?"

"Todd [Dr. Shrader] is an amazing sports surgeon. I have complete faith in [Dr.] Todd Shrader and I've already recommended several of my friends to him and Torrance Memorial."