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Sleep Disorders Center

Getting the Rest You Need

Sleep is a necessity. Research shows that most of us need about eight hours of good quality sleep a night to rest our bodies and refresh our minds, so we can perform at our best. And, of course, people simply enjoy a good night's sleep.

But, many people have real problems with sleep. The symptoms include inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, snoring and other breathing disorders while sleeping, which can cause drowsiness when we need to be alert. Untreated, these problems can have a devastating effect on the quality of our lives, making us physically and mentally unable to deal with everyday challenges we face. In fact, some illnesses such as high blood pressure - even heart attacks - can be linked to certain sleep disorders.

The Torrance Memorial Sleep Disorders Center specializes in diagnosing and treating people having sleep problems. Since 1985, it has been accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

How Does the Sleep Disorders Center Work?

Patients are often referred to the Sleep Disorders Center by their physician. In such an instance, the referring physician orders or performs appropriate outpatient laboratory tests such as routine blood testing, EEG, or in some cases pulmonary function testing. In many cases, an overnight sleep study, a Polysomnogram (PSG) is ordered. At the center, a PSG can be extremely valuable in diagnosing many sleep disorders. The PSG takes place overnight in the sleep recording room of the Sleep Disorders Center. During the night, breathing, oxygen, heart rate, brain waves, eye and body movements and body position are closely monitored.

Who Handles My Case?

The medical director of the Sleep Disorders Center, Lawrence Kneisley, MD, D, ABSM, oversees all cases. Dr. Kneisley is currently a member in the American Academy of Neurology; the American Academy of Sleep Medicine; the American Narcolepsy Association; and the American Sleep Disorders Association. Locally, he is a member of South Bay Independent Physicians and the Los Angeles County Medical Association, where he has served in positions of leadership. Dr. Kneisley has been a member of the American Medical Association and the California Medical Association since 1992. He is board certified in sleep disorders by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and in neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Team Approach

Torrance Memorial Sleep Disorders Center also employs technicians who are specialists in the testing process, including the unique operations of the sleep lab. Additional members of the medical staff, including psychiatrists, surgeons and others also may be consulted.

Is Treatment Expensive?

The cost varies depending on the severity of the problem and the length of treatment. Private medical insurance is likely to cover the majority of fees and expenses in connection with your treatment at the Sleep Disorders Center. Click here to view a listing of health insurance we accept.

For More Information

For information or pamphlets about sleep apnea, narcolepsy or sleep studies, call the Torrance Memorial Sleep Disorders Center at 310-517-4617. For more information about sleep disorders visit the National Sleep Foundation website,

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