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Rehabilitation Services

Road To Recovery

After having orthopedic surgery it is important to make rehabilitation, including all appointments and related activities, a priority in your life. Full participation in rehab will help you recover quickly and will also increase the likelihood that you'll be happy with the results of the surgical procedure.

Torrance Memorial's highly trained rehabilitation services team is here to help you every step of the way. Our team includes skilled physical and occupational therapists who work to meet the individual needs of every patient in our on-site rehabilitation unit and gymnasium.

But be aware that the single most important participant in your health care team is... you!

Being proactive in your care is an extremely important first step in your road to recovery. To a large extent, how well you do after your surgery will depend on how motivated and committed you are to doing the work that helps you heal and regain your strength.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

At Torrance Memorial, our staff of well-trained physical and occupational therapist will assist you through your regular program of range of motion and muscle strengthening exercises. Their goal is to help every patient restore function, gain strength and manage pain, while also reducing stress, minimizing joint strain and conserving energy so you can heal well. Our therapists will help you learn the appropriate techniques for self-care, including proper grooming, bathing and dressing techniques for the period of time before you are able to move easily and normally.

During your hospital stay, you can expect to receive physical therapy twice a day and occupational therapy three times a week. Our therapists will help you and your family members learn the safest and easiest approaches to the activities of daily life, including how to sit and rise, get in and out of bed and how to use special adaptive equipment during your healing period.

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