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Orthopedic Surgeries

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When it comes to conditions of bones and joints, Torrance Memorial's renowned team of orthopedic specialists offers the full complement of services, from advanced diagnostic imaging technology to innovative surgical procedures, all designed to help you get back on track.

Help for Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common problem that can be cause by a variety of issues including arthritis, tendonitis, muscle strain, or hip fractures. We offer a full spectrum of treatments for painful hips, from physical therapy to advance surgical options.

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Painful Knee and Shoulder Joints

Your knees and shoulders are the most flexible joints in your body, allowing you to pivot and rotate in many positions. However this flexibility is also what makes these joints susceptible to instability and injury.

» Joint Surgery

Excellence in Spine Surgery

Torrance Memorial's orthopedic surgeons and clinical staff have a reputation for excellent outcomes in spine surgery. Our surgeons are highly experienced in the use of robotic and minimally invasive techniques.

» Spine Surgery

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