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Health & Healing Center Spotlight: Spring Forest Qi Gong

Health & Healing Center Spotlight: Spring Forest Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice of aligning breath, move- ment, healing and meditation. A variation of this art, Spring Forest qi Gong, combines gentle movement exercise with meditation to help support emotional well-being and reduce anxiety. It is comprised of four parts that work in tandem: breathing tech- niques, gentle movements called active exercises, mental focus, and sound (mainly in the form of chanting or repeating mantras).

Torrance Memorial is fortunate to have Jacy Jenkins, a Gang Intervention Specialist at Long Beach Unified School District lead- ing Level 1 classes. She credits the practice with helping her mother heal through her battle with cancer, and with aiding her former gang members get to the root of their anger and resolve conflicts.

Comments from past enrollees: Great Class!; Enjoyable; Jacy never failed to keep class powerful and interesting; Everyone should take this!

Learn more about Qi Chong classes and other mindful exercise classes offered at Torrance Memorial [+]

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