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You may not think about hospice care until a family member is in need. But as part of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, here’s some important information about hospice that can help ... Read More
According to the Alzheimer’s Association there are 5.4 million people in the united States living with Alzheimer’s disease and one in eight older Americans has the disease. And, over 15 ... Read More
Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice of aligning breath, move- ment, healing and meditation. A variation of this art, Spring Forest qi Gong, combines gentle movement exercise with meditation to help ... Read More
There’s something special about fall flavors that speaks to our hearts as well as our stomachs. Autumn represents tradition and celebration which usually means comfort foods and over eating. ... Read More
New Location While the garden program now includes hands-on gardening days at our new plot at Columbia Park Community Garden, we are still offering regular lecture classes. Each month there is at ... Read More
The thyroid is a butterfly- shaped gland in the neck, just above the collarbone. It is an endocrine gland that makes hor- mones that travel in your blood to all parts of your body. The thyroid ... Read More