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The 3 C's: Concentration, Clarity, Calmness

The 3 C's: Concentration, Clarity, Calmness

“When we pay deliberate attention to something neutral, like the breath or the sensation of our bodies pushing against the ground with our feet, it automatically can bring about a sense of concentration, clarity, calmness and even a sense of peacefulness,” says Albert Grabb, MD, a radiologist at Torrance Memorial. Using this concept, Dr. Grabb has a simple exercise to help you find a little peacefulness in the new year, which can be practiced almost anytime.

Just before having to deal with a difficult situation, become aware of each foot on the ground as it makes contact with the floor. “Stop walking and gently shift your weight from one foot to the other,” says Dr. Grabb. “Take a few seconds to note the sensation at the bottom of your feet. Then take a deep, purposeful breath and move on.”

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