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President/CEO Craig Leach explains how improved coordinated care benefits the hospital's patients and physicians. Read More
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Should you or shouldn't you be genetically tested for Cancer. Read More
Having already given 140 pints, Albro Lundy continues to donate blood. Read More
A husband-and-wife duo strikes the right balance in work, fitness and love. Read More
A NICU patient turns athlete, volunteer and scholar. Read More
Stevie Beitscher gradually began noticing a decreased sense of balance while walking her dog on uneven surfaces and when walking around her large, hilly yard in Rancho Palos Verdes. These ... Read More
Many people use athletics and exercise as a way to de-stress and restore themselves outside work. Joe Nakagawa, MD, is no exception, and he certainly uses rock climbing, swimming, cycling and ... Read More
Determination, motivation and the competent and caring staff of Torrance Memorial Medical Center's Heart Failure Program turned life around for Harvey Kushner. The 82-year-old heart failure ... Read More
Summer is filled with the smells of happiness wafting through the air: suntan lotion, salt water, fresh seasonal fruits and veggies cooking on the grill. These summer fruits and veggies not only taste ... Read More
Summer means long days, balmy weather and time to barbecue. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2011 there were nearly 17,000 emergency room visits related to grilling ... Read More
The day was just getting started at North High School in Torrance. As unsuspecting students settled in, routine morning announcements gave way to this chilling statistic cited over the intercom by a ... Read More
How to ensure your manicures and pedicures are safe. Read More
Hitting the sand and surf is a favorite summer pastime. But before you head to the beach, make sure your family knows how to keep safe. Pulse recently spoke with Darren Bedolla, MD, emergency medicine ... Read More
The zero gravity suit may sound like something from a NASA training program, but for interventional radiologists, it is helping to address something more terrestrial: ergonomics. Because these ... Read More
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation and pain in the joints. Unlike osteoarthritis— the most common type of arthritis—RA isn’t due to ... Read More
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