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Surviving a ruptured aneurysm requires quick response, teamwork and precision. Read More
How knowing the heimlich maneuver and being in the right place at the right time changed two lives forever. Read More
One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. And for most women, the diagnosis will be a complete shock. Here, Dr. Patricia Sacks, medical director of the Vasek & the Anna ... Read More
As the exterior starts to take shape on the new Tower at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, it’s a great time to see the inner workings of what goes on “under the skin” of the ... Read More
The time it takes to get treated at emergency rooms in the United States is on the rise, but Torrance Memorial is trying a new method to reduce the wait. This past June, a team of physicians, nurses ... Read More
Goal Attained Merrill Moses is a two-time Olympian on the U.S. men’s water polo team.As goalie, he stifled opponents’ scoring to help his team return from Beijing with a silver medal in ... Read More
Feeling stressed? Here is a simple relaxation technique, provided by Lisa Cavallaro, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist who runs the CHANGE (Cardiovascular Health Achieved through Nutrition, ... Read More
Tips for walking, biking, driving and skating. Every time you drive a car, ride your bike or walk outside, you’re exposed to traffic. It’s part of our daily lives. It’s no surprise ... Read More
During the Holiday season, it’s easy to indulge in an abundance of decadent, not-so-healthy fare. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat, it’s important to feed your body ... Read More
Fresh air, exercise and a little bit of nature and healthful food—sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered. And what better place to find all of these things than at the newly planted ... Read More
For One Photographer, Artist And Breast Cancer Survivor, Creativity Speeds Healing February 13, 2002 at Torrance Memo­rial was one of Julie Crow’s brightest days. She was there for a ... Read More
Torrance Memorial Surgeons Give Insight Into Robotic Surgeries Robotic-assisted surgery has been in use for more than a decade, and in that time, it has dramatically transformed the operating room. ... Read More
Youth sports leagues offer a space for children to stay fit and active while also gaining important life skills such as working with a team and building relationships with others. Here in the South ... Read More
As the affordable Care Act slowly comes into effect, new Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) are being formed for Medicare patients who have traditional Medicare coverage. Torrance Memorial Medical ... Read More
Through its ADVANTAGE Program (free member­ship for adults 50 years and older), Torrance Memorial Medical Center offers a variety of programs for seniors aimed at improving wellness. Among the ... Read More
Symptoms that coaching staff or parents should look for: Appears dazed or stunned Is confused about assignment or position Forgets an instruction or play Is unsure of score or opponent Moves clumsily ... Read More
For One Photographer, Artist And Breast Cancer Survivor, Creativity Speeds Healing February 13, 2002 at Torrance Memo­rial was one of Julie Crow’s brightest days. She was there for a ... Read More
In a community tradition that’s spanned nearly three decades, South Bay residents will come out to kick off the holiday season when Torrance Memorial Medical Center hosts the 29th annual Holiday ... Read More
Learn about the physicians who serve as your eyes and ears during a hospital stay. Read More
In the past decade, Torrance Memorial has seen phenomenal improvements in high-definition imaging. This means greatly improved care and less invasive procedures for patients. Read More
Take children to the farmers market and engage them in simple recipes to get them excited about the process. Read More
Woman to Woman is an image-enhancement program that helps women experiencing hair loss and other appearance changes from illness or its treatment. Read More
The American Diabetes Association estimates that 2 million children, that's one out of every six, has prediabetes- a collection of risk factors that can lead to the chronic illness. Read More
Torrance Memorial Medical Center staff participated in Torrance's annual Relay for Life. Read More
The spirit behind Torrance Memorial. Read More
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