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Affiliation with USC expands Torrance Memorial’s Cardiothoracic Surgery Program

Affiliation with USC expands Torrance Memorial’s Cardiothoracic Surgery Program

USC Cardiothoracic Surgery Department affiliation

Representatives from Torrance Memorial Medical Center and USC's Keck School of Medicine today announced an affiliation to expand heart surgery services at the medical center in Torrance.

This announcement represents an expansion of the Torrance Memorial Lundquist Cardiovascular Institute's Cardiothoracic Surgery Program. This expansion of heart surgery services and cardiac procedures is possible through the addition of respected USC Keck Medical Center surgeons Jack Sun, M.D., Craig Baker, M.D., Michael Bowdish, M.D., Fernando Fleischman, M.D., Amy Hackmann, M.D., to Torrance Memorial's medical staff, joining John M. Stoneburner, M.D.

These surgeons will strengthen the existing Torrance Memorial heart surgery program by providing expertise in a variety of procedures such as complex valve repair and replacement, coronary artery bypass grafting, aortic root and arch surgery, surgical treatment of arrhythmias, and percutaneous heart valve therapy. While these procedures as well as diagnostics and treatment have always been available at the medical center, the addition of these academic surgical team members will allow for the growth and expansion of the program in the South Bay.

"This affiliation is important for our community because it adds resources to a respected and growing program supported by an experienced clinical team," said Craig Leach, President/CEO, Torrance Memorial Medical Center. "Additional surgical coverage will ensure that community members will have a highly skilled team available in an emergency and to treat highly complicated cases of heart disease and structural heart defects."

"The future of health care delivery will partner leading academic medical centers with incredibly strong community hospitals. This relationship allows the innovation, strength and expertise of academic centers to be delivered to local communities. Residents in the South Bay can expect excellence in cardiac surgical care at Torrance Memorial hospital as we embark on this important relationship between a top tier academic medical center and a pioneering and visionary community hospital," said Dr. Vaughn A. Starnes, M.D., Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery, USC Keck School of Medicine.

In addition to welcoming the USC team, Torrance Memorial also announced the addition of Salman Azam, M.D., from Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, Washington. Dr. Azam specializes in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (commonly known as TAVR). Candidates of this procedure are high risk and were once inoperable due to severely calcified aortic valve stenosis, also known as a narrowing of the aortic valve opening, which restricts normal blood flow to the body.

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