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Hard Hat Tours Leave Big Impressions…

Hard Hat Tours Leave Big Impressions…

taking a tour in the new main tower

From the outside, it would appear that construction on Torrance Memorial’s new 390,000 sq. ft. Patient Tower is near completion. The project is five months ahead of its originally scheduled completion date, but much work still needs to be done on the inside to make it patient ready by its opening date of early 2015. As work continues, the space is constantly being assessed by engineering experts and clinical staff to make sure details such as ceiling heights, cabinet locations and hallway widths are just right for offering the most efficient patient care and best possible healing environment.

During the past few months, Patrons have had an opportunity to take hard hat tours of the construction site. Here are their impressions:

“It’s an engineering marvel and a five-star hotel. All private rooms, the latest in technology – it has everything!”

- Michael Zislis, The Zislis Group, Torrance Memorial Health Care Foundation Board Member

“The actual building is even more attractive than the renderings. The flowing lines mask its enormity and it really blends well with the surrounding buildings. It will be much more user friendly and efficient for patients and medical staff and a tremendous asset to the entire South Bay.”

- Richard Lundquist, Patron

“I was amazed by the complexity of the building.”

- Jeffrey Neu, Torrance Memorial Health Care Foundation Board Member

“Our Emergency Room is in the original tower, the same building that houses our Intensive Care Units (ICUs). One of the most surprising things I learned on the tour was that ER physicians responding to an emergency (“code blue”) in the ICU will be able to get from the current Emergency Room to the new Tower ICU quicker than they currently get to the ICUs in the same building! This is due to building design and strategic positioning of ultra-fast elevators.”

- Heidi Hoffman, M.D., Radiology, Torrance Memorial Health Care Foundation Board Member

“I am so impressed by the thought process that went into building the new tower, including how employees from every part of the hospital got together to strategize on making their areas most efficient. Nurses’ stations are set up between rooms to provide an even quicker response and care for the patients.”

- Song Cho Klein, Torrance Memorial Health Care Foundation Board Member

“As an engineer, I was impressed with the quality of construction and the engineering and design that has gone into this building. A four-story model was actually constructed and subjected to seismic testing to prove out the structural design before the actual building construction commenced. Several other hospitals’ designs were visited and the best ideas observed were incorporated into this thoughtfully designed facility.”

- Phillip Pavesi, Torrance Memorial Health Care Foundation Board Member

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