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Every Donation Counts

Every Donation Counts

Torrance Memorial's Life Blood

John LinderAuxiliary member John Linder is probably best known for his friendly greetings to visitors of HealthLinks or for calling out the BINGO numbers on Torrance Memorial patient TV Channel 6 each Wednesday afternoon. But what most patients and visitors probably don’t realize is that since 1994, Linder has donated nearly 19 gallons of life-saving blood to the Blood Donor Center, making him Torrance Memorial’s top blood donor.

Linder donates blood to help others and also to help himself. Studies suggest giving blood also has health benefits to the donor by removing iron and lowering the risk of heart disease. Linder said he doesn’t know how many lives he may have saved, but he knows it’s many. Among his most memorable donations is one that saved an infant who needed his blood type—type A positive. Susan Brady, R.N, of the Blood Donor Center, said patients at Torrance Memorial require approximately 600 - 1,000 units of blood and components per month.

“Regular blood donors ensure a fresh supply of blood is available when needed,” she said. “We’re very grateful for the generosity of donors like John and others who donate such a priceless gift.” The Blood Donor Center is located on the second floor of the hospital above Day Surgery. Walk-ins are welcome; to avoid waiting, please call for an appointment at 310-517-4647.

Thank You Canadian Veterans

Royal Canadian LegionDoug Locke and Fred Trapnell of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 156, present Gina Jones, child life specialist, Pediatrics, a check for $750 to benefit the Pediatric Unit.

The organization, which supports non-profits locally, is made up of U.S. citizens who once served in the military abroad. The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit Canadian veterans’ organization founded in 1925.

Membership includes people who have served as current and former military, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, provincial and municipal police, direct relatives of members and also affiliated members.

2 North Is Comping Up Roses

Danielle Cosgrove, R.N., Palliative CareFor many years, 2 North has enjoyed a fresh bouquet of brightly colored roses several times a week. It’s all thanks to the green thumb of Danielle Cosgrove, R.N., Palliative Care.

Cosgrove carefully nurtures her home garden of more than 50 rose bushes ranging in names from Princess Diana, Gemini, Secret, McCarthy to Double Delight. Wanting to share their beauty with fellow staff and patients led her to begin bringing the bouquets in for display on the 2N front desk. According to unit secretary Karen Williams they are a big hit with patients.

“Patients and visitors comment on them all the time,” Williams said. “It’s the first thing they notice when they come in and patients frequently stop to smell them.”

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