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Keeping Beach Cities Residents Informed About Their Health

Keeping Beach Cities Residents Informed About Their Health

Miracle of Living at the Beach The health information landscape is rapidly changing as more people turn to the internet and social media to research health-related matters. While such self diagnosis is a valuable tool, the internet isn't always the most reliable source of health information. Torrance Memorial introduced Miracle of Living at the Beach to provide beach communities access to important, up-to-date health information direct from physicians and health experts. A committee of community residents pays close attention to what health issues are top of mind among their neighbors and develops a curriculum that gets to the heart of their most pressing concerns.

Ken Hartley, owner of the Hermosa Beach marketing research firm CIDR Systems, Inc., was encouraged to join the board two years ago by his neighbor and fellow board member Pat Lucy.

"Personal health knowledge is something that should never be taken away from you, so I really embraced the notion of helping our local hospital become more integrated into the Beach Cities as an educational resource," Hartley said.

One of Hartley's goals for 2012 is to help expand awareness of the group within the community. To date, discussion topics have ranged from cardiovascular disease, prostate health, sports injuries, and women's health, to creating healthy self esteem in young people.

"We are inspired by the enthusiastic response from the beach communities and the impassioned interaction between the audience and physicians during the Q&A sessions," said Judith Gassner, Health Care Foundation director of major and corporate gifts. "It's a great opportunity for the community to have access to excellent health professionals in a setting where they feel comfortable asking questions about their concerns."

The Miracle of Living at the Beach programs take place at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach in March, May, July and October. The program is underwritten by the Zislis family. Programs are always free of charge and no reservations are required.

For more information, call 310-517-4703. Learn more about Miracle of Living at the Beach.

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