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Are You Emergency Prepared?

Are You Emergency Prepared?

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Two moderate earthquakes have rattled Southern Californians during the past several weeks. Cheryl Osborne, manager, Emergency Management, would like to remind everyone to practice safety at home first.

Family First:

Develop a plan –

  • Where to meet…out of state contact number
  • Food for seven days – minimum (include can opener)
  • Water – 1 gal. per person per day (5 day minimum)
  • Supplies…First aid, flashlight with batteries, transistor radio, medications, cash in small bills
  • Store some supplies in the car trunk
  • Keep shoes and flashlight by bed
  • Have old-fashioned plug-in phone
  • Don’t forget your pet food and medicine

Act Now:

  • Fix potential hazards in your home
    • Secure bookcases and heavy furniture
    • Hang mirrors and artwork with closed hooks
    • Strap water heaters to wall
  • Know where your utility shut-offs are and how to turn off
  • Complete Red Cross first aid course. (as available)
  • Practice drop, cover and hold on

At Work:

  • Practice drop, cover and hold on
  • Review the Emergency Management EOD Policies online
  • If you notice any building damages after a quake, contact Engineering
  • Contact your immediate supervisor for department specific instructions

For additional resources and checklists visit www.bepreparedcalifornia.ca.gov.

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