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The Rapid Response Teams at Torrance Memorial Increase Patient Safety

The Rapid Response Teams at Torrance Memorial Increase Patient Safety

Torrance Memorial RRT

At Torrance Memorial Medical Center, the Rapid Response Team (RRT) is comprised of expert clinicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to impart critical care knowledge and provide clinical support. The team includes several certified critical care nurses (CCRN), a lead respiratory therapist, and if needed, an E.D. physician.

Since 2011, the RRT at Torrance Memorial has responded to well over 5,000 calls for code blue, consultations, and rapid responses. The growing number they receive every year is a testament to how vital they are to this institution. This program of talented experts provide rapid assessment and action for emergencies offering a peace of mind so the patients, families and staff can feel confident, safe and reassured when they enter through our front doors.

The development of Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) in hospitals is based on the concept of failure to rescue, which was brought to light by the famous Josie King story in 2002. In short, Josie King was an 18-month-old infant who had tragically died due to human error and multi-system failures in planning and communication.

An additional layer of support is the ability for patients and their families to activate the RRT team through an established program called Condition H. When a patient or family member feel that something isn't quite right or additional care is warranted, Condition H enables RRTs to respond to families, patients and staff immediately. Additionally, they respond to emergent, life-threatening situations and act as a vital resource to healthcare staff. RRTs were designed to identify patients that are at high risk for "crashing" or "coding" to ensure necessary attention is given, and also to prevent harm or death.

At Torrance Memorial Medical Center we are committed to providing excellence and the highest quality of care to our patients.

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