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Stress Tip: Start Small

Stress Tip: Start Small


A lot of us spend our time looking at the big picture. We worry about where our careers are heading; how our children will thrive at school; and how will we prepare financially for our family’s future. But it’s important to realize that big changes actually start small.

One way to significantly reduce stress in your life is to focus on small changes. “Sometimes in fixing the small things, the big things take care of themselves,” says Lisa Cavallaro, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist who runs the CHANGE (Cardiovascular Health Achieved through Nutrition, Guidance and Exercise) program for the Torrance Memorial Lundquist Cardiovascular Institute.

Cavallaro gives the example that we don’t try and swallow an entire plate of food at once, rather we take bites. We can use the same analogy for our lives, making the day-to-day bites count. So start by making one change and see how it affects the big picture.

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