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No More Excuses. Get Over Yourself and Get To The Doctor.

No More Excuses. Get Over Yourself and Get To The Doctor.

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When little kids are scarred to go to the doctor, they hide behind a closet door. When adults are scared to go to the doctor, they hide behind a smokescreen of excuses.

Here are direct rebuttals for the most common excuses.

Excuse #1

If I go to the doctor for a medical exam, I'm afraid I'll get bad news.


Stop assuming the worst. Most people who see a doctor for a medical exam don't get bad news. You'll learn about your current state of health and receive an appraisal of any health risk. If you do learn about a problem you weren't aware of, the chances are good that you'll get advise or treatment that will ameliorate the problem or reduce your risk of developing a problem in the future.

Excuse #2

I feel fine and don't have any disease symptoms. Why go looking for trouble?


Feeling fine doesn't always mean your health is fine. Many diseases—hypertension, diabetes, many cancers—have no symptoms until things are far along.

Remember, you're not looking for trouble. You're looking for ways to stay healthy. By discovering a silent condition like high blood pressure, a curable breast cancer or high cholesterol and, if appropriate treating it earlier rather than later, you avoid having troubles that could have been avoided.

Excuse #3

I'm embarrass to talk to my doctor about my body.


Most people have aspects of their bodies and lives that they feel shy, embarrassed or even ashamed about. Doctors are trained to listen and be understanding. In general, doctors will encourage patients to be open, since they know they have more to offer patients who are able to speak openly about themselves.

Excuse #4

Tests are painful and scary. Why should I put myself through the agony?


What agony? Most tests are simple physical examinations, like Pap smears and prostate exams, or imaging tests like mammograms, or blood tests. Some are uncomfortable, but few are painful. The potential gain is far greater than the discomfort.

The bottom line is, if you discover something early that you can take care of, you'll avoid a lot of agony later.

Excuse #5

I'm so busy that I don't have time to visit the doctor.


This is probably the most common excuse. In fact, most people have plenty of time to attend to their healthcare needs. It ends up being a matter of priority. Find a system, such as timing it to a birthday or a season, and just get in the habit of making time to visit your primary care doctor, just as you would make time for other important things in your life.

How often have you hear some on say, "I wish I had gone to the doctor earlier."

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