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Healthy Ever After, Recognized For Providing Outstanding Community Service

Healthy Ever After, Recognized For Providing Outstanding Community Service

Torrance Memorial Medical Center's Healthy Ever After program

Torrance Memorial’s school-based nutrition education program, “Healthy Ever After,” recognized for providing outstanding community service to children and youth in our community.

The Torrance Council of PTAs will recognize three community organizations including Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s “Healthy Ever After,” school-based nutrition education program, when representatives of the medical center receive the Honorary Service Award along with two other community organizations. The Honorary Service Award is a series of awards that PTAs may apply for to recognize the community services of their individual volunteers and the valued service of organizations that are their community partners. Nominated individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the well being of children, youth or families in the school and/or community are considered for this award.

There are currently 10 Torrance Unified schools participating in “Healthy Ever After” and more than 5,700 students have gone through the program, which provides lessons on healthy eating. The program is administered through parent docents who meet throughout the year to receive a variety of nutritional lessons from a registered dietitian. The docents in turn teach children how to make healthy food choices. The “Healthy Ever After” program was created by Torrance Memorial as part of the medical center’s Community Benefit Program, which serves the needs of South Bay’s residents through the donation of programs and services. Funding is provided by the Torrance Memorial Lundquist Cardiovascular Institute.

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