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Breastfeeding: Giving Your Baby The Best

Breastfeeding: Giving Your Baby The Best

Torrance Memorial Medical Center is proud to offer exceptional breastfeeding support services for new moms that start well before a baby is born and continue long after mom and baby leave the hospital.

The hospital’s HealthLinks—a centralized location for health-related information, products and services—offers a myriad of breastfeeding services including a lactation center, mothers’ rooms with digital baby weight scales and private breastfeeding areas, and pre- and post-natal breastfeeding classes. The store, located on the first floor of the West Tower, also sells breastfeeding accessories, apparel and supplies including breast pumps for sale and rent.

Under the umbrella of Maternal and Child Care Services, which includes the maternity unit and NICU/pediatric units, Torrance Memorial staffs 20 Certified Lactation Educators (CLE) and three International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). The health education department also employs three CLEs and the rehabilitation department has two IBCLCs. Most recently, four staff members became certified bra fitters for lactating moms.

“Torrance Memorial offers assistance for all of your breastfeeding needs. From classes to inpatient and outpatient lactation help, we are staffed and ready to provide the help needed for a healthy nursing experience,” says Catherine Hargrove, manager of health education at Torrance Memorial. “We would also like to ensure that moms know that the service is available to any mom, regardless of where she delivered.”

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