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10 Ways The New Main Tower Will Improve Your Hospital Experience

10 Ways The New Main Tower Will Improve Your Hospital Experience

Torrance Memorial Main Tower

The new Main Tower is scheduled to open a year from now in November 2014. Most would agree this bright, shining new beacon on Lomita Boulevard is aesthetically pleasing, but what contribution will its new modern amenities make in facilitating the best, most comfortable experience possible for hospital patients and visitors?

Torrance Memorial staff members were consulted in nearly every aspect of the new Main Tower’s design. Here are 10 ways it will help to facilitate your wellness:

1. Chapel

A 22-seat Chapel that features floor-to-ceiling glass walls for meditation and reflection will be located adjacent to the Healing Garden.

2. Pre-Op and Post-Aneesthesia Care Units

Both units will allow space for families to remain present with their loved ones during pre-op and following surgery. The Pre-Op Anesthesia Care Unit is located on the exterior, “windowed” side of the hospital to allow for natural light and a less institutional environment.

3. Healing Garden

The Patient Healing Garden will be located between the new and existing hospital. It will feature seating, water-efficient landscaping, fountains, and sun and shade to help patients, visitors and staff relieve stress and connect with nature.

4. 256 Private, Single-Occupancy Rooms

A private, protected environment will reduce noise and enable patients/families to discuss personal medical information with their physician/care teams confidentially. To make overnight stays for family members more comfortable, most patient rooms (except in the Intensive Care Unit) will include sleeping accommodations.

5. Spacious Family Waiting Areas

Each floor of the hospital will offer a spacious family waiting area located on the external, “windowed” side of the hospital to maximize natural light and the entire Main Tower will offer free Wi-Fi.

6. Larger, More Advance Operating Rooms

Operating Rooms in the new Main Tower will be on average 35 percent larger than Operating Rooms in the existing hospital to accommodate the most advanced equipment. The equipment in the OR suites will be controlled from one central location. This will facilitate seamless communication to ensure critical information is available to care teams on demand to maximize patient safety and efficiency.

7. High-Tech Endovascular Operating Room

Endovascular surgery is a form of minimally invasive surgery designed to access many regions of the body via major blood vessels. The new endovascular operating room will feature enhanced high-definition cameras and monitors, as well as improved ability to monitor X-ray exposure for physicians and staff.

8. New Cafe, Coffee Kiosk

A new café will offer indoor seating for 150 and outdoor seating for 50 in a covered patio area. A new coffee kiosk will also offer salads, sandwiches and other “grab and go” dining options.

9. Patient Status Boards

Similar to airport terminal flight status boards, digital signage will provide updates to families using a private patient code system while their loved ones are in pre-op, surgery and post-op recovery.

10. Plan of Care Conference Rooms

Private rooms equipped with computers to view medical information and diagnostic images will facilitate Plan of Care conferences between health care teams and patients/families.

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